If you’re a deadly online reader then I think, you should know why people read online content?

Because as you read online it is your  responsibility as a blogger to know what qualities on the web attracting me to read content online.

Therefore, here I have drafted out an article explaining why people read online content, explaining  the what qualities the most successful blogger maintain on their blog  to make people read them.

All successful bloggers know very well about the essential things required. But today I am going to tell you in detail, which helps you grow blog audience.

As a blogger or content marketer, to drive people to your blog, you should make people read your blog on the web because the great content that left unread will send a negative signal to search engines and people as well.

According to the recent study, reading stimulates the brand and improves the ability to thinks, problem-solving skills or communication.

Alzheimer’s and dementia Google Search

You know why people read online content because it helps them to keep better empathy and mental and physical health. So when all these benefits are involved in reading.

As a blogger, you just want to make people read online content need not to solve any problem.

Reading improves memory: Proved fact

Scientifically, it has proved that reading saves your memory and it slows down the decline of brainpower. People read books and content online to improve their knowledge.

By reading, you can activate the parts of the brain, which is responsible for sound and visuals.

However, visual information the web also offers the required knowledge but reading enhances the concentration relieves stress and opens up the mind. Human psychology says we always seek continual improvement in every aspect of life.

What you read is what you write (reading makes your better writer)

If you want to become an excellent reader then read more and more. Very simple

Do you want ideas to flow into your mind? Then read as much as you can and then write to the maximum. Richard Brandson is the most successful entrepreneur and his shelves are stuffed with full of books.

Remember, when you read, you get ideas and capture it as how they occur to your mind. It will help you when you start writing.

Not all writers are successful, some struggle to draft a compelling content if they are not an avid read.

A successful writer is always an avid reader.

Though you’re an expert in your field, unless you’re a good reader you must run into writer’s block.

Reading reduces the stress

According to psychologists, when a person is completely focused on reading, the body reacts with the relaxation of the tension, which is present in the muscles.

As per the research conducted by the University of Sussex, with the increased range of exercise and tests, a man’s heart beat and stress level have increased.

Later on, he was subject to various relaxation methods and reading was one among them. During reading an exercise, the researchers found that the stress level completely reduced.

Now, you know the benefits of reading online content and it is essential to understand its importance before you create content that people read.

It is very important to know why people read online content first before you create that that everyone reads.

Let’s see some of the technique on how you can increase blog readership.

Write kiss ass blog post titles

Brain Clark says, “8 out of 10 people read the title before judging whether the content is worth or not“.

Almost every successful bloggers agree to this. If this is right, we should really focus our attention on it.

Before you tell anyone how good you and your content? You need to grab their attention. To do so, your title should communicate how valuable in the body.

The first and prime elements of your articles are the titles so don’t ever take it as granted. Do some experiments and get kick ass blog post titles. Click on this link on how to craft a powerful title that will get visitor reading?

With the intention to make headlines catchy, never go for Clickbait and such headlines might work but you will never deceive people if your content is not appealing and bring value.

Make use of the popular magazine cover page titles and curate your headline according to that. For example look at this below image

kick ass title ideas


As you can see the one-liners on the first page of this well-known Oprah magazine. Similar to this you can integrate those types of words in your title.

For example, “You know you want it: The top 7 tactics to make your content go viral”. As you can see the words “You know you want it” has taken from the above-attached image. You can proceed with this idea. To experience why people read online content you must apply these tactics.

Use power words in your title

Certain words are powerful in English. Below are some of the power words, which you can apply. Here are the links for eye-catching power words.

power words


Here are some of the blog post title examples that used power words.

  • 17 problems you will understand if you are a Tall-Ish.
  • 7 extremely successful people reveal what they learned from training.
  • Hunt for flaws in your communication.

The bolded ones are power words. Because of these types of words and catchy title, visitors are driven to read online content.

Modify web page and its content for online reading

Your blog appearance matters the most.

After drafting well-researched blog post for around 5-7 hours and if visitors leaves your web page just after 1-2 min then it really sucks right.

I have a solution to get ahead of it.

You should understand that there is a lot of difference in reading printed content and online one.

On the Internet, readers get easily distracted very easily due to the shiny ad on the sidebar, header or footer. In some case, the various tabs left open next to your web page.

To make people read your entire content you need to reduce the width of your web page because the wider pages make the reader feel difficult to follow. It has scientifically proved.

So, ditch it soon if your blog post captures the complete desktop.

When you open MS word, the page will not occupy the complete desktop right. This is the main reason.

The majority of the visitor read just 50% of the content. Another major part of the group consumes information in the form of video and photos. If your web page is wider, most of them won’t scroll down.

According to reading comprehension, line with 55 characters is best for slow reading and line above 55-100 characters are best for fast reading.

The best one is the line with 60-70 characters. And for well know industry line with 100 characters works better.

Trust me, 8 out of 10 online readers are skimmers, which means they just read the title, sign posts, bolded texts, introduction to get the main idea of the blog post. Don’t ever think that you need all your visitors to read word to word of your content. It’s very rare.

There are several various factors why people read online content. The above are just a few of them in which readers are attracted through such tactics. If you really want to motivate your every reader, you need to bring value to that eye-catchy title in the content body.