Do you often cast doubt on the effectiveness of twitter marketing strategy?

If your answer is Yes!

Then you will be surprised to know that twitter if used strategically, it can be the most effective marketing channel.

Sounds interesting?

Well, here is the case study that will give you a real insight into twitter marketing strategy. You will see how a well planned 140 characters can make your brand stand out of the crowd and that too without spending a dime.

Whether you are a startup marketer or veteran, twitter is the perfect choice for you. It works for everyone. So, no wonder, it will work even for you. Here’s the twitter marketing case study that works for most businesses

The key to exponential growth is to mastering twitter:

To be skilled in twitter you need to put undivided attention on content. Being an online marketer you know how important content is. So, always make sure to share the links with high-quality content that you publish on your very website.

Influence those who are into the same niche as you to publish their work at your site through a simple tweet.

Being a start up on twitter your primary goal is to get in touch with the right people who help in your business growth. And to do that you must start with Re-Tweeting, following and linking.

It is important to scale twitter growth. Therefore make sure to start with several twitter accounts while each account focuses on a single niche.

Ways to drive social traffic to your blog:

It is the first and foremost to drive social traffic to your blog. You will be surprised to know that twitter has been one of the most effective marketing channels for most of the successful blogger. It is always proved to be the best in traffic generating.

So, while it comes to sharing important information on your twitter account make sure to share a link to your blog post. A catchy headline, appropriate image and using @mention will serve the purpose perfectly. Follow the above-mentioned methodology to grow followers. Jeff Bulls got a successful blogger by using this strategy.

Right Thing at the Right Time

It is important to have a good prediction while it comes to using social media as your marketing strategy. There is no exception for twitter as well. Whether you are into blogging or business you need to stay alerted.

You need to seek for the opportunity to tweet at the right time. This will help you grow your business exponentially in a short span of time. Besides, it will help you get instant success though establish a strong brand identity. And as a marketer that is what your goals are.

For your reference, you can read about the Oreo who made it a great success on twitter by using this methodology.

Using Hashtags and Polls While Launching a new Products:

The combination of hashtags and Twitter polls topped with right marketing strategy is proved to be the best. These are the kind of paid promotion that works like magic and initiates business growth.

There is a leading organization that used this marketing strategy and got hugely successful. And this is none other than Microsoft Xbox UK.

No boundaries with Trending Hashtags:

A trending hashtag is a specific hashtag which is used by a lot of users in their posts. Last for a day or a minute, changing hashtags constantly changes in real time. So, whenever you find a trend related to your business make sure to engage in right away.

While you share a trending hashtag, it will reach a larger number of people who are out of your contacts and followers. Therefore, your audience will be boundless. Denny’s Diner made it a huge success by trending hashtag.

Is there any special twitter marketing strategy that you follow? Then feel free to share in the comment section