The demand for artificial intelligence is so huge that the big players such as Google, Intel, Apple are acquiring start-ups in this field. They leverage the ideas of those start-ups, as it influences their future roadmap. Similarly, start-ups are being valued at several million. These acquisition in-flows a massive attention to those start-ups and offers access to latest technology.

Every company has a product or service. They alter it based on the latest happening trend.

For instances, Google took birth as a search engine. But now, its focal point is completely into artificial intelligence. They’re acquiring potential start-ups with a passionate team in this field.

Google wants to help their developers who are building conversational, Siri-esque bot; therefore, it has acquired API.AI as the company will just do that. Google also snatched a Paris based start-up named Moodstocks that develops machine-learning based image recognition technology.

Not just Google, Intel, a chip manufacturing company is also on the same track. It acquired Itseez, a passion-driven team determined to make better navigation for self-driving cars. Many other start-ups such as Yogitech and Nervana Systems has fallen in their basket of technology.

Here’s the other giant

Apple, an American smartphone company has recently acquired Emotient, a start-up that reads human’s emotions and facial expression. The company is based on image recognition.

Analyzing these trends, it is quite predictable that these companies are competing with each other in unpredictable ways. They began to acquire start-ups that are embedded into a deep root of innovation& ideas in AI.

Start-ups have burning desire to innovate products that change the world. With the acquisition, they leverage the cutting-edge technology to uplift their technological innovation. Whereas, big players such as Google, Apple, and Intel speed up their process that matches their future roadmap.

No doubt! Such acquisitions will result in a huge technological shift around the world. However, there also exist few drawbacks behind every modern technology, which is obvious.

These companies are progressing towards a new trend, which is very significant in a digital world. And they’re less focused on their initial business model.

Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality are the next phases of the technology revolution. Big players want to be dominant in these fields.