Are you a Blogger or Internet Marketer trying to gain more traffic to your blog?

Then this article with best Growth Hacking Example simplifies your way to achieve  an enormous amount of blog traffic.

The brutal fact says

Setting up a new blog is simple and even maintaining also.

But, running a successful blog requires a lot of dedication, and need a fuckload of work in-phase with this varying blogging trends and social media.

To be consistent, and you’re successful, you must align to this Growth hacking example in blogging.

What is Growth hacking in the blogging world?

Growth hacking is all about reaching the peak of success by being unique. It also means hack the growth of your competitors and getting success.

The paths to growth hack are many. I will be explaining you about those in the later section of the article.

Now, I will let you know the blog strategy with the best growth hacking example, where you can drive traffic to your blog without doing SEO.

This amazing technique has been already implemented successfully by one of the top Internet Marketer, Brain Dean and he named it as Sky Scraper technique.

In my perspective, it’s an epic Growth Hacking Example for Bloggers

Here is how he explains

Reverse engineering

If you still believe that uploading articles daily helps to growth hack and drive traffic, then you are completely wrong. You are in 2016 so perform blogging at the age of actually you live in.

It is better to write one blog post with well planned and thoroughly researched a week rather than 3-4 a week.

When it comes to blog post, reverse engineering has three major steps:

  • Identify link worthy content with maximum shares across the social media
  • Drafting it even better than existing
  • Reaching out those people, who linked to that write-ups

Now, let’s discuss how to perform these blog strategies in detail.

Identify link worthy content: You can find a high competitive keyword in Google keyword planner.

But, what about high performing blogpost?

You can find that in Buzzsumo. Just enter the keywords of the topic as show and you can see the image as shown below:

growth hacking blog strategy


As you can see the most shared blog posts on all the popular social media. Go through each one of them from starch to gain its perspective.

Make it even better than existing: When it comes writing any blog post, you normally perform research and go ahead right? It may consume a lot of time, so rather than you can easily find the best article and make something better right?

Now plan accordingly, and proceed with it. Let me give you some tips on this.

  • Let’s say the write up is of 1000 words, you can make it up to 2000 words because Google prefers long post of 2000+. Longer the article the better it ranks on SERP.
  • You can also design Infographics, and make the post catchy and attractive.
  • If the article is in terms of paragraphs then cut short to bullet points so that it makes easier for the reader to understand and remember.

Reach out those people, who linked to that post: This is the crucial step in Grow Hacking because here you’re going to find the backlinks of your competing post and approach them to link back to your beautifully updated one.

How to find the backlink of any high-ranking post?

You can use tools like ahref, Open Site Explorer, and Majestic to find the external links, referral domains pointing to that post. Buzzsumo also provides you the option of finding backlink in “View Backlink” option itself at the time of discovering highly shared blog post.

Now the question is how to approach them to link to your post and be successful in that. The people, who are linked to that article will automatically be interested in promoting the updated one.It is done through building the email list of those, who linked to that highly shared article.

It is done through building the email list of those, who linked to that highly shared article.

Once you build the lists, it’s time to draft an email that captures their mind in such a way that they should link back to your updated article. they have removed themselves from that old article by linking back to your post, you have hacked the growth of someone.

If they link back to your post, then you have hacked the growth of someone. It’s simple.

This is what we call Growth Hacking.

If you don’t know how to approach them through mail then the effort you applied in updating the post will be unturned.

Let’s learn how to draft an email, while approaching anyone among your niche.

Make an assumption

The persons you’re mailing will get a lot of emails so before you tell them how awesome your article? You should grab his/her attention.

The main goal is to make the reader read the mail, understand and take action.

Understand the Psychology of Blogger, or Online Marketer or any Small Business Owner.

Observer the receiver, If they are a great professional Internet marketer, they will surely give importance to their business related emails. So your subject line should contain their business name. It can be the blog, which you’re approaching to link back to your article.

Because any small business owner will definitely pay attention to their business benefits.

Now, you are clear with the subject line specification. Let’s get into the body part

Hey (name of the receiver),

This mail is to build a professional relationship with you as a blogger. Hope you would like to know before proceeding further.

The reason why I am approaching you is because when I was searching for some articles (your topic) today and I came across this page

I notice that you had linked to one of my favorite article (name the title) So, I Just wanted to inform that I created a similar article. It’s like (article title ) but updated with more valuable information to your readers. (URL).

This might be worth if you this link mention on your page.

Either way, keep up the intelligent work. And, let’s keep in touch for any sort of mutual help or suggestion as a Blogger or Internet marketer.


(Your Name)

You can use this format to mail your targeted professionals.

It’s a proven strategy, if you outreach at least 100 emails, I am sure you will be linked with 30%- 40% of blogs/websites. Remember, don’t neglect even if you reach 10%  it’s all about quality, not quantity.

If you carry this best Growth hacking example as your blogging strategy for several months, you can easily stand out of the crowd.