Are you planning to start successful affiliate marketing?

If so, then you might be aware that to establish yourself as a super affiliate, you need should launch profitable campaigns.

Achieving it depends on lots of factors. In that, finding the best affiliate products to promote is the most crucial.

Many newbie affiliates don’t spend enough time in choosing the top affiliate products. They just jump into the field without knowing that they are going to compete with big giants.

Remember, before you find the best affiliate products to promote you should be aware of the list of various affiliate marketing networks, which offers the product you are looking for.

Some of them are:

  1. Clickbank Communication
  2. Clicksure
  3. Commission Junction
  4. ShareASale
  5. Amazon affiliates
  6. Rakuten Linkshare
  7. Avangate
  8. Ebay Partner Network
  9. Flex Offers
  10. Revenue Wire
  11. AvantLink
  12. Value ads

The reason why affiliate marketing is not easy because you need to be persistent, consistent and follow proper marketing plan even after you find the right products.

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The most important thing is that the platform you choose to promote the best selling products matters a lot.

Below are two ways you can select the hot affiliate products to promote.

  1. Affiliate network sites
  2. Individual Approach

Joining through networking sites is a normal method, where most of them follow. However, you need to be unique to stand out of the crowd right.

You can be different from this Individual approach

Here, you should understand that any company with their online products owns in-house affiliate program. Therefore, you can contact them directly and know about their products. If it is best and scalable, go ahead with that. One of such company is Dreamhost affiliate program.

The main advantage is that there will be no much competition in this method as compared to some networks.

The major focus should be on finding hottest selling affiliate products in your niche.

Let’s say, your blog is all about finance, then look after the programs related to account managements or shares and trading products etc.

Identify the companies selling such products on their website and approach them.

Here Is How To Find Best Niche And Products That Scale Easily

Affiliate products related to health, relationship like dating works well.

But how you will find the hot affiliate products to promote in these niches. It’s quite challenging.

Don’t worry, I have a solution, which will simplify those challenge for you.

In some of the networks, it is easy to best affiliate products to promote . For instance, consider Clickbank communication.

Clickbank uses a measure named ‘gravity’ to judge the hot affiliate products depending on its sales. This network recommends products with 30+ gravity.

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Visit and list out the products by gravity.

With that data, you can easily find out the hot products through which most affiliates are making sales. Later, decide based on your capability whether or not you can make sales with it. Along the way, consider the factors, which I have explained above.

Rather than pushing the white elephant, which doesn’t scale it is better to opt product that scales well and high competition.

Clickbank is awesome… but what about other networks, which doesn’t give you any hint on the niche and the best affiliate products to promote.

To tackle that, you need to perform split testing.

If you’re able to afford for paid traffic and run few sample campaign, you will definitely find a winning formula.

Because, without accurate data, it’s not so easy to decide the best one unless and until you send some traffic to the products you believe it’s awesome.

Here, the quality of the traffic and cost per acquisition should work well with the offer.

Tips on how to search on Google

Just type “site:” or “product name + affiliate program name”

You may find the best product, but the after steps are also crucial. I am illustrating 5 factors, which you should consider that helps to scale the hottest affiliate products.

  1. Promotional material: Promotional banners must be attractive, but not exceed the size of 100 kb, as it might increase your site’s load time. So analyze before proceeding with available banners and make sure it is light weight.
  2. Minimum payout: Think you have chosen an awesome product that sells easily and the minimum payout is $1000. In this situation, are you confident enough to reach it in a specific period even after buying paid traffic?

The commission payment threshold is good if it is set to $25 to $50, which is the industry standard. Lesser than this minimizes the liability of the company towards its affiliates.

  1. Beware of MLM Sigma

In few affiliate program, there exist 2 tier commissions, where commissions are paid based on the on sales of affiliates, whom you were referred. This type is really a great way to your success, but not those, who offer 3 tier commission levels, which showcase your program as MLM (multi-level marketing).

  1. Communication

Ensure that you will have a dedicated point of contact with the professionals of your affiliate program. Because you might come across various queries, and it is common when you’re a part of their business.

Communication is a bridge for both the advertiser and the publisher, who want increased sales.

  1. Tracking

As a publisher, you need to monitor your progress. Don’t launch any campaign without a better tracking system. The prime factor to make money with a paid campaign is the ability to understand and analyze data. Two of the best trackers are as follows:

Voluum: It is one of the most famous trackers. This software gives you information about visitor’s IP address, operating system, location and time of conversion along with the device. It handles a huge amount of traffic.

Thrive: It’s a self-hosted solution i.e self-hosted on your own server. The best mobile tracking software for all your affiliate marketing campaigns, recommended for 200k clicks/day.

Hope this article helps you to find the right products to promote as an affiliate and scale at extreme.

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