Every blog needs reliable hosting, as a bad host can create chaos for bloggers like us. Therefore, having a quality web host is the most important part of online business. Today, I am going to share you the best web hosting service provider and its different plans as well. 

Hostgator, a web hosting firm housing more than 4 lakhs of sites and recognized as best hosting service in the industry.

With Hostgator web hosting plan, several powerful servers run smoothly. It supports well; even if the website houses CloudFlare and super cache plugin. It is the best web hosting for WordPress blogs.

Hostgator web hosting plans are divided into 3 sections and they are

Hatchling plan: This plan is affordable and if you have decided to host a single domain, you can always go with Hatchling plan. But as the day passes, you might want to register multiple domains then this plan limits you.

You get unlimited disk space. As you start an online business, will you own just single domain for the rest of your blogging life?

Absolutely not…! 

To satisfy that there is a Baby plan for you, but if you want to own just a domain sign up for Hatchling plan here

Baby plan: Here, you can host multiple domains and it offers cPanel, Unlimited Bandwidth, WordPress compatibility, Site builder, Unlimited addon domains, Unlimited disk space, Fast CGI, Ruby on Rails, SSH, and a lot more.

Hostgator baby plan suits best if you want to excel in online business, it’s obvious that you plan for various strategies, which requires multiple domains.

Sign Up for Hostgator baby plan here

Business plan: Go with this plan only if you are setting up an e-commerce website, which needs addon features like Tool Free number, dedicated IP, Chillisoft ASP and SSL. Hostgator business plan is best for large online business.

Click to sign up for Hostgator business plan

Note: You can upgrade or downgrade your HostGator plan from time to time. For upgrades, you just need to pay prorated fee and for downgrading, it’s the processing fee of $10, which is quite reasonable.

The features HostGator web hosting plans houses are endless. The most interesting thing here is you can monitor the running process and the visits inside the panel. 

Here is a Hostgator web hosting plan, click on that link to know about the exciting discounts.

Look at the essential feature that helps bloggers to tackle their technical issues.

  • 24/7 live support: Availability of live chat with telephonic support to help you overcome the technical issue.
  • Error logs: To keep your website free from errors, error logs feature in cPanel will help you to do that successfully.
  • Hotlinking: Hotlinking feature allows you to prevent others stealing your images.

Sign Up for Hostgator, choose a plan based on your choice and launch your online business with hassle free hosting.