Images capture an eye. Pinterest, one of the fastest growing social networks, which completely relies on this idea.

Still thinking Facebook and Twitter are the rockstars of social media.

Just come out of that and say Hi, to your business’s new promoter – Pinterest. Because it is 100 times more effective than those two, if you know how to use it effectively.

If you are a blogger and not utilizing this platform then without a second thought you should promote your blog on Pinterest.

But how will you promote your written content on image publishing platform?

It’s just simple. Add some eye-catching image to your articles and share it on Pinterest.

Remember, learning how to promote a blog on Pinterest is easy but performing without affecting the platform’s native voice is the challenge.

  1. Group board participation

As it’s a new platform for most of the bloggers with zero audience, it’s might be difficult to figure out the exact method on how to use Pinterest for blogs?

The best and easiest way is to take part in group boards and promote your blog, because those, who create them seeks more contributors. The number of pins to your blog post is directly proportional to the number of contributors in the board.

So, use it effectively.

  1. Optimize the images

Every social media platform welcomes its own style of storytelling. Therefore, you can’t just share the same facebook image on your Pinterest or from any other networks. It needs to be optimized to its native style.

Interesting Pinterest tips for bloggers that make viewers perform action on the image

  1. Image with reddish orange gains engagement (pins) than any other
  2. Infographics or images with multiple dominant colors get 3-5 times more pins than single dominant color.
  3. Saturated image performs 10 times better than desaturated images.
  4. Medium lightness images are effective than too dark ones.
  5. Images with 10% background are 5 times more responsive than an image with 40% background.
  6. Always image ratio of 2:3 or 5:6 is best than very tall ones in Pinterest.
  1. Call to action

Traffic without conversion is useless. Similarly, without a call to action to your blogs is of no use if you want to drive traffic to your blog through Pinterest.

Create a board on Pinterest to share all your articles. Whenever you write, a blog post includes the following on the board:

  • A brief summary of the blog post
  • Image that connects with the board theme
  • A link directly to the article
  1. Tips on Pinterest engagement
  1. Pin relevant and original content
  2. Be consistent and pin often so that your pin gets seen in your follower’s feeds
  3. Follow your followers
  4. Ask questions
  5. Re-pin, comment and like on your followers pins to gain their attention


Pinterest is a platform not just for images. It has diverse readers with a vibrant community and it is booming, so don’t ever miss the opportunity to gain attention. Promoting your blog is easy on a social platform, which is gaining traction than the one that already bared its foot strongly.

If you liked these 4 tips on how to promote your blog on Pinterest then share your opinion in the comment section.