Are you publishing blog posts constantly but not achieving enough traffic?

Measuring content marketing effectiveness is important but there is a right time for that and that is when you can expect a positive result from your content marketing efforts.

Then you should understand that the content marketing is a long-term game, but one should know the exact time when his/her efforts bear fruit.

Being consistency in content marketing and not completely aware of its result is like leaving a huge amount of money on a table.

It would be really a stupid if you’re not aware of the end result. Once you know this, you can maintain consistency in a right direction.

The blogs should know for what audience, the content should target.

Define your business goal that you want to reach through your content

Now you know the amount of content you should deal every month. You can strategize your content marketing one you know the period you need to achieve your accepted result.

At the very beginning, you see droplets of positive results. Once the certain level is filled you get an enormous amount of traffic, which you had never expected.

Blogs with more than 16+ blog post in a month receive 4.5x times more traffic than blogs that publish just 2-5 posts/month. Below is an image as per the hubspot research.

measure content marketing effectiveness

Set your goal that you want to achieve from your content. Since content marketing is a long term, don’t celebrate your success at a very beginning for slip of positive result and stay away from a publishing schedule.

Several companies focused on short-term and went out of the content marketing plan, so have patience is very much essential, while you iterate the content.

You can start seeing a result after 12 months of content marketing. Publishing too often will rank you for long tail keywords and also you can gain more traffic by social media paid ads.

Find your target audience

Define your target audience and create your presence by helping them achieve better results. While defining your audience be too specific such that you should collect the name, gender, occupation, age, income, hobby etc.

Once you collect this information of your few audiences, you should write content that target those categories of people. Then, your content gives personalized touch to those categories of audience.

You will find the major challenges and pain points of your persona on niche forums. A subreddit in your niche is a great place to start.

Segregate your target keywords into these three categories based on your goals and audience. Once you defined the audience, find out where they hang out. Target those blogs/website, your competitors might not be creating visual or interactive content.

Manage your SEO and content publishing properly

It just takes at least 3 months to get rewarding traffic from search engines if you take care of SEO properly. To see a considerable uplift in numbers, you will really need 6 months.

Keyword research plays the most crucial role because of the fact that HubSpot shared that their organic traffic grew by 538% in a year. This shows that you must perform SEO with great care.

Have top notch SEO is enough to gain traffic but to get leads you need to build a relationship with influencers.

Your supporters in this industry are the gatekeepers who can open floodgates of traffic, leads and customers for you. 92% of customers trust is on unknown individuals rather than branded content.

Check content performance every 3 months and set new goals

Craft high-quality content, promoting them extensively and build a relationship  with your audience through the  influencers. You have also created authoritative foundational content.

After 3 months of consistency, evaluate your content performance by these questions.

Have you slipped off your content schedule at some point?

Most probably, it might happen to everyone – don’t worry. So, find 80% conversion driving posts from Google Analytics report by clicking Behavior > Site Content > All Pages.

If you haven’t set goals then consider 20% of the post that performs 80% of the total page views.

Now, create blog posts that fall under 80% of blog topic that is performing well, which makes your path of success easy.

If you want to sell any product, perform the same strategy 20% of 80% revenue. Once you find articles with high visitors expand those with conversion cycle with underused formats like webinars, video, info graphics for the same content.

After 12 months of building evergreen content consistently, your traffic should reach 1,50,000 visitors every month.

Share your experience in measuring content marketing effectiveness and the duration to achieve it as it’s a long term game. Also share your opinion on this article.