The attention span of Internet users has been narrowed with the advent of social media.

Because internet users have attracted towards social media network like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

As a result, they lack the patience to consume content on blogs or various other platforms.

Now, you might think

 Is blogging still relevant in 2017?

Of course, it is.

Blogging is not dead, but the way bloggers use the traditional way of promoting their blogs has dead.

In other words, bloggers have failed to match the consumer behavior of the current generation.

Most people fail to understand the cultural shift in our generation and conclude that blogging has dead.

Blogging can never be dead because of the advantage it offers for businesses in today’s digital world.

is blogging dead

Blogs provide brand credibility

When a company publishes a blog that adds value to their reader, it builds the credibility. 2017 is the information age and for B2B brands; blogs display the authority of the brand.

When it comes to B2C brands, blogs are an ideal choice for highlighting the consumer trends, product details, and educating customers with product information.

Blogging will be dead if you fail to do more than a blog.

The above statement is quite misleading the actual definition of a blog, but as the taste of generation changes, blogging style also should be change. Only then, you can connect with the current market.

There is no one to restrict you in creating the quality content of various forms.

Produce multimedia content

Blogging should not just be the written posts it can also be infographics, eBooks, videos, podcasts etc.

Use content of all forms because some users prefer videos over text and some visuals over text.

Experiment with new technologies

Staying in-sync with the technology trends will give a competitive advantage.

In simple words, being first in the market will help you to gain attention for your blog.

For example, Periscope, a live stream video app has benefited lots of people like Chris Ducker and Derek Halpern, as they have jumped into it early.

Medium is one of the latest and innovative blogging platforms, which highlights the quality content irrespective of the brand or influencer. One can really make a difference when used it effectively and consistently.

It also lets you create your own online publication.

According to search engine people, blogs have been rated as the 5th most trusted source for accurate online information.

B2B businesses are more likely to use blogging than compared to B2C businesses

A report from Hubspot says, 92% of companies who blog multiple times per day have acquired a customer from their blog.

are blogs still relevant

Image Source:  Johneengle

Small businesses with blogs on their website generate 126% more leads than those sites without a blog. It’s a competitive advantage.

81% of US consumer trust information about the product or services through blogs.

If you want Google to index your company website quite often, then the best way to do is to integrate it with a blog.