Are you familiar with the interactive content? Or if you’re a copywriter, do you have an idea on how to develop interactive content that moves beyond button clicks and form fills?.

Well, before learning about how to create interactive content. Let’s know what, why and when to use it?

Interactive Content Definition

Content that engages the user in a particular activity online is known as interactive content. It may include answering yes/no questions, explaining scenarios of a certain situation, making choices etc.

Interactive content would be the great way to catch individual’s attention because it makes them think and respond.

Interactive content comprises quizzes, calculators, assessment tools, configurators,  games, contests, workbooks, and more.

These can be embedded into your website, and work in any modern web browser.

Why You Should Use Interactive Content?

The ultimate challenge of effective content marketing is to break the clutter noise.

The digital world is overwhelmed with e-books, white papers, infographics, and webinars.

How many e-books have you downloaded but just scanned without reading it entirely? Hope you might have signed up several webinars and never attended!

Do you want that to happen for your content?

If the answer is No!

Then how do you stand out of crowd? How do you hold the attention of your target audience?

Interactive content offers a unique weapon for competitors to fight against a massive amount of passive content.

If you’re able to connect with the thought process of your website visitors, you have succeeded in gaining their attention.

Most people love experiential learning using online platform as they can perform research and analyze the result with the best knowledge.

Interactive content example – An ROI calculator allows you to set various scenarios, alter parameters and see the outcome. It builds the real connection between parameters and outcomes, providing picture perfect overview.

With the passive content, you analyze that your prospects are interested in it, consumed the information, provided their contact information (leads) and that’s it.

In case of interactive content, you analyze your prospect’s interaction and easily judge their mindset. It’s so powerful because it helps you to connect with your audience on a deeper level. It reveals an incredible insight about individual prospects.

Interactive content works for all types of customers and topics.

Tools to Create Interactive Content

Brands are utilizing fostering tools to engage their audience through various activities and connect with their products or services. Several awesome interactive content creation tools are available. Some of them are given below:


Playbuzz is an interactive content tool. Experimenting with new topics based on the current stage of your customer’s journey. If you’re a newbie, start with a simple quiz in a blog post using this tool.

Remember, for an inbound marketing content plays the most crucial role. There are various content formats, but interactive content is highly popular among brands of all scale.


Apester allows you to create interactive content such as video quizzes, surveys, personality tests, and pools. It keeps your target customers hooked towards your brand.

Here the customer shares their outcomes with their friends or dearest, thus enhancing the brand presence across the community.


Zaption tool helps its audience to create images, text, quizzes, and questions to any video. This ensures customers understand the video content completely and retain the valuable insights.

Instructors and educators use Zaption widely. Using this tool, a training video can be paused and added with a quiz or questions, to ensure the user understands the context of the video.


Webyclip is an innovative tool that allows you to interact with the products while playing a video. That means you can click on the product appearing in the video and it takes you to the site to make a purchase.

It is totally a new way of personalized experience that a tool can offer to the potential customers.


Your audience will love the experience of participating with interactive content. The tools and knowledge on creating interactive content can empower your audience, to engage with your brand. Every interaction with a product or service is a long lasting impact in the minds of the customer.