Do you have a new website? Or Do you want to build its online reputation? If Yes, then you need to think of the steps that make your brand popular.

There are many factors, which one must consider, while launching a new website.

Because launching a website/blog is not an easy game, but if you know what you are doing then you will go a long way.

Therefore, I have decided to draft an article on what initial link building techniques to do for a new site

Other than having high-quality content, product or services, when it comes to ranking high on Google search engine, link building has always been most popular, and effectual way to improve search engine ranking of the website.

Getting inbounds link is the most powerful factor of Google ranking algorithms. So if you want to increase your website’s visibility you need build quality inbounds links.

There is a big misconception associated with link building, that the more links you have to your website the better your ranking will reach. But no matter how many links you make, it doesn’t depends on quantity, but the quality.

To build quality, all you need is relevancy of the link. You should try making links of high quality, rather than building large number of irrelevant links. So, what initial link building do you always do for a new website?

Keyword Research

analyze and understand what your competitors are doing, and how they are making their website visible. Usually, the top 10 search results in Google are most likely your competitors.

Track their inbound links because there might be some possibilities that you may get the links from their sources too. To do that, there are tools available online. For e.g. SEMrush, Moz keyword explorer, Google keyword planner etc. With these you can recognize where a certain website build its links.

Content Marketing

If you’re into a product development firm, then start writing blog posts that offer some valuable insight about your products benefits. Amazon website has less content, but they are rich with internal and external links. For you to have the same ranking as that of Amazon, you need to build links along with content marketing, which drives value to your customer.

Building links without content are tough, so before monetizing your website create amazing content.

Send out those to press release sites announcing the blog, keep scheduling the article over time, so that you can build value.

Here is the fact.

CONTENT IS THE KING. In order to get the link to your website, your content should be like a king. It should appeal the audience. If the topic is boring then create an infographic, it can be made attractive.

Link building With Press Release Sites

Submit articles for a Press release. There are many free press release sites for submitting articles. Some of them are:

  1. 24– : Free release distribution with ad-support
  2. — this site gives you permanent archiving and better placement along with free distribution.
  3. — Distributes to sites like Google News and, the Gold level will also get you to sites like LexisNexis.
  4. — You need to add an image, at least 3 keywords and links. This site focuses on e-commerce domain.
  5. — It has branched in almost 12 states that offer free distribution.
  6. — Easy press release distribution free, more features for paid accounts.
  7. — Distributes your release and offers a web page with a keyword link to your site. If you upgrade, you can get three links, permanent archiving and more.
  8. — It helps to set up a details company profile, not just your press releases.
  9. — Ad supported press distribution site.
  10. — Completely free distribution to search engines, news sites, and blogs.
  11. — Distributes your release, teaches you how to write one, and also offers downloadable samples.
  12. — Submit your release with free of cost, which will help you to get to their front page based on your chosen category.
  13. — A free press release service designed similar to that of a blog.
  14. — Free distribution to newswires, search engines, and RSS feeds. If you wish to upgrade fee-based bumps will offer you better placement.
  15. — Free distribution to Google News and other search engines.

Reach out to bloggers in your niche for links through email marketing, and tell them about your content. With this, you can promote your posts. Run facebook ads as it’s under priced as compared to Adwords campaign.

According to quick sprout, below is the frequency of building links:

  • Build 5 to 10 inbound links in the first month of your new site.
  • 10 to 15 inbound links in 2nd month
  • 20 to 30 inbound links in 3rd month
  • 30 to 40 inbound links in 4th month
  • above 40 inbound links in 5th month
  • Start building as much as high-quality links as possible after the 6th month.

The above frequency of link building would look genuine for Google search engine.

The Benefits of link building

Brand Visibility

Building link from multiple platforms will enhance your brand visibility, as well as content visibility. You can gain the fresh audience, increasing the reach of your website. Which will lead to more traffic on your website and later on conversions?

Referral Traffic

One of the biggest benefits of building links is the generation of referral traffic, which means getting any traffic through other website or any reader who click your link located on other website and get you to your website. Your website is where the actual conversion takes place.

Build Links the Right Way

Remember, link building has emerged as a means of increasing your ranks and visibility in search engines.

Google ranking factors are many. It measures authority based inbound links point to your page, domain name authority, anchor text, the length of the content to judge whether the content is informative or not.

But a link building would be the prime factor.

Because it drives a new audience to your website, and let the traffic increases on your website. Later, it results in conversion.

If you understand this, you can create your brand value and make your website stand out in the crowd. Over the time your website will become famous on Google. So always keep in mind if you are following the above steps you are in the right way of success.

Create informative content, instead of making fake links, so that visitors can share your content and your website. Always keep in mind that easiest form of link building is content marketing.

Real building has always been hard, but no matter how hard it is; don’t ever be desperate to use easy steps to win the race.