Importance of content marketing in digital marketing has increased in the past few years because television advertising failed to catch viewer’s eye.

And, content does that by solving people’s problem.

It’s usual that we prefer more online information rather than banners or some other traditional information.

In online marketing, content is the king, because impressive marketing desperately needs quality content. If content is king then what is content marketing, and how it is done?

Content Marketing is the strategic marketing approach of generating, spreading valuable, highly relevant and consistent content to magnetize and acquire a target audience.

Quality content drives potential customer action by making them more intelligent.

Why is content so important for successful marketing online?

In simple words, content marketing is an excellent art of communication with your customer and prospects without selling them anything. Content can exist in terms of written text, video, images or info graphics.

Here, the ultimate goal is to attract and retain customers. It can be achieved by consistently creating and organizing relevant and valuable content to enhance or alter consumer’s current perspective.

Generation of content is an ever ending process in any kind of marketing strategies that focus on owning media.

In content marketing, rather than pitching the products or service, you just need to deliver effective information, that makes your buyer more intelligent on your product.

It is a proven strategy by several entrepreneurs that if we deliver reliable, ongoing, valuable information to every buyer, ultimately we will be rewarded with their loyalty.

If you analyze one step deeper, content marketing is extensively used by some of the great marketing organization and they have succeeded. Few of them are Microsoft, IBM, John Deere and Amazon.

Therefore, even small businesses entrepreneurs are executing this strategy around the globe, because it works well.

Why is content marketing important in social media?

Irrespective of the type of marketing tactics, content marketing must be a part of every internet marketing process. If you look at social media marketing, then content marketing strategy exists before social media strategy. For example, Search engines highlight the only businesses that publish fresh, quality and consistent content.

For any Pay Per Click (PPC) strategy great content is the backbone as it is much essential for any Inbound marketing to drive inbound traffic and leads.

3 Stats about the Importance of content marketing in digital marketing

As per the Roper Public Affairs, here are some interesting facts on marketing strategy.

(1) 80% of the entrepreneurs normally opt their business information in terms of series of the article vs. an advertisement.

(2) 70% of the customer says that content marketing brings them closer to the sponsoring company.

(3) 60% of them feels company content help them greatly to make a better product decision.

If companies send you the relevant and valuable information related to the product, which you have planning to purchase online, then will you call that information as spam? Of course No, rather you will accept that information because you need to know about that particular product or service before buying. This powerful reason makes what content marketing so intriguing in today’s business.

Several thousands of marketing firms deliver messages per person in a day. Those good content will make a person stop… read… think… and take action because words connect emotion, which in turn leads to action. Ultimately, It’s a proved concept that content is the king in online marketing