Content is the king, but what if you suck at writing? Needless to say, that is a million dollar question.

Whether you are a blogger or vlogger you need to produce high-quality content. And if you are a solopreneur with a tight budget then it is difficult for you to hire writers. Therefore, the only option you have left is to write your own. To create an amazing blog that glues the visitor to your website is an art. And the art lies in writing catchy yet informative content. The art of writing world-class blog is neither magical nor mystical. This article is all about how to write an inspiring article even if you suck at writing.

The only thing you need is the determination to write like a pro.

It’s true that determination alone cannot make you an expert writer. But it is the stepping stone that will encourage you to follow certain guidelines suggested by professionals. Following these suggestions will give your content an edge that you always hankered for.  As the time passes by you will be surprised to see your progress as a blogger.

The world of web is flooded with information. Everyone is generating content on some or the other topics. Some are important and admired by readers whereas others are discarded right away. Under such circumstances it is hard to make profitable content if you are not well-aware of the market trend, creating a blog that generates revenue is not quite difficult.

Out of numerous content marketing strategies, the blog is considered one of the topmost strategies. But to attract visitors to your blog you need to be good at writing. And to become an influential writer you need to have a clear idea about your level of competency.

Incidentally, there are some who suffers from inferiority complex. They tend to overestimate others’ writing and underestimate theirs. Therefore, they always fail to attract visitors to their site.

There is another group who are the opposite. They think that they are amazing but could not make why readers are not interested in their blogs.

And finally, there are a few writers who are neither the best nor the worst.

Whichever category you might fall you always have the room for improvement. Everyone can be a better writer. As they say, writing is not an art but a craft. Therefore, like any other craft you need to practice it day in and day out. In order to write high-quality content you need to follow the following guidelines:

  • You need to adopt a writing style which is very much conversational. Readers should feel as if you are sitting right across them and explain the topic.
  • Readability is another important factor. Write short sentences and paragraph. Crisp and to the point sentences always have a better impact on readers than those long and complex sentences.
  • The content should be persuasive in style but never end up like a sales pitch.
  • Make sure to write informative and factual content which is extensively researched. Add a little humor, but that is optional of course.

You would be surprised to know that most of the leading bloggers use a certain outline while writing their blog article. This gives them a step by step outline to maintain consistency. Besides, this outline or formula whatever you might call it makes writing faster. Here are some more guidelines that work for most of the bloggers and you might consider giving them a try.

  • Select a topic which is relevant
  • Show the readers the way to solve a problem or reach a goal
  • Focus on few one line paragraph
  • Pen a heading which is easy to understand
  • Use screenshots, infographics, and charts
  • Conclude the article by an interesting italicized question

As you know it is important for the readers to find your content on the web. And to make it effortlessly available for the reader, you need to make your content optimized. Apart from the quality of the content, reading ease and length of the content play the most vital role.

It is important to know the taste of the reader before making them read your content, which you might think amazing. And to do that you can take help of the following:

  • Alexa
  • Google Analytics
  • Buzzsumo

The above-mentioned websites will help you find out most visited content, a ranking of the websites, and top-shared pages. Therefore, you will have a crystal clear outline of your content.

Bounce rate: You can track bounce rate in Google analytics. If the visitors are spending more than 5 minutes on your website then you are moderately at a good position. It proves that visitors are at least interested in your content.

Daily pageviews: If the visitors tend to visit your website 1.6 times a day then it says that they are interested in the content that you have penned. And it also says that you are moderately in a good position.

Daily time spent on site: The time spent by the visitors at your blog site tells a lot about the quality of the content. On an average, it takes 9 minutes to read an article on the web. And if 69% of the reader bounce back which is nothing but spend less than 1 minute at your website proves you are at the good position. So, cheer up!

Keywords are crucial: It is first and foremost to know your top keywords which are driving visitors to your website. And once you find out the topmost keywords, make sure to write more topics focusing on those very keywords. Needless to say, this will multiply traffic generation, thereby ROI.

Make sure to take a look at your competitors. Search through Alexa. This will give you an idea about your competitors’ activities. And analyzing the content of the competitors will help you improve your own content. Won’t this be amazing while you will be a successful blogger by following these above-mentioned guidelines