Reddit is known as the front page of the Internet, as it’s a great combination of links, interesting news, social updates and nurds are also spotted. Reddit is quite confusing for beginners; therefore, this article is drafted just for that. You will get an idea on how to use Reddit to drive traffic?

Reddit can make or break your site with tons of inbound traffic. Reddit is the ideal place to promote your blog/website and drive traffic. Unlike other social media, Reddit also has certain ways of sharing any link or post.

How to post on Reddit?

Reddit has numerous subreddits, which is similar to that of the different category of a topic.

  1. On top right corner of the home page find “Search Reddit” box and type your topic.
  2. Click on the required subreddit
  3. Submit your text post or link.

You will be able to type your area of interest in the search box, which gives you the subreddits required while submitting your links in that category.

Have a look at the below image to use Reddit for marketing your business:

the beginnerss guide

Go to // to get the above page. The subreddit format will be

While registering your Reddit account very your email. It makes your account trustworthy. Whenever you submit the links, receives comment you gain points.

With this, you build up the karma, which reflects your expertise in those chose subreddits. As you can see in the below images to select, click on My Subreddits to see yours.

how to use reddit for marketing

Also, the username once set cannot be changed so choose wisely. You cannot change once registered. Reddit has nothing to do with your friend list or followers. You just want to create kiss ass title so that viewers click on that.

How to comment on Reddit? Comments play a vital role

Comments are Reddit’s most significant part. Every time a user comments on your link, you get upvotes, which is similar to likes in other social media. On every link or post, there is a comment section, where you can leave your opinion. The user will get an orange-red envelope at the top right corner of account.

The majority of the Reddit users are male with at least a graduation degree. Since 2006, Reddit’s traffic has grown drastically and as of June 2011, it has hit 2 million unique visitors. You should really focus on building your business of blogging.

The Frontpage of Reddit

Subreddits like /r/gaming, /r/politics are overwhelmed with link submission as compared to specific topics like /r/copywriting /r/digital_marketing. There are some popular active subreddits, which helps you reach larger masses of Reddit audience. Below are some of them:

  • /r/askreddit: This askreddit is the best category to ask a large number ofRedditt audience about your ideas or opinions. It drives a lot of response to your approach. Remember, it doesn’t support submitting links as it’s just for discussion.
  • /r/todayilearned: This Reddit stands for Today I Learned. If you have got something interesting topic or unique news and wish to share it to maximum people then this subreddit is for you. It can be of any topic.
  • /r/IAMA: You can input information about your profession and introduce yourself to huge masses. Here you can also submit your links along with content.

Customize your own Reddit

Reddit allows you customize your front page based on your area of interest. The front page is designed to house the most frequently viewed topic.

If you’re on any subreddit to return to the main page just click on the “frontpage” button on top left corner.

The most significant factor to bear in mind is that, whenever you post an URL, tweak the kiss ass post title for more engagement. Also before submitting the second link, you need to wait for at least 10 minutes. Reddit doesn’t allow you to post links or topic on an immediate basis.

Topics that do well on Reedit are:

  • Educational stories and sites, the facts, disease, and movements for some cause
  • Music
  • Technology like computers, gadgets, programming
  • Photography and art
  • Politics especially the US and worldwide
  • Religion
  • Science
  • Video games
  • Personal stories that are challenging, heart touching, survival etc.
  • Fitness
  • Food

You can find the subreddit for all the above topics. If not, you can create one and invite others to engage.

While promoting if you’re not afraid of criticism then Reddit is the best place to set the trend on your niche. There are some business owners, who treat Reddit as a stepchild in social media world.