Medium is one of the well-known article publishing platforms.

It allows bloggers and publishers to write articles creating their own online publication.

This article-sharing platform is filled with an array of diverse stories, perspectives, and idea.

Do you know how Medium is popular?

It’s Global Alexa ranking is 370 and in the USA it’s 204. Have a look at the below image

alexa ranking of mediumMedium features your article on its homepage irrespective of the brand or influence.

It is designed with a lot of white space, incorporating a unique set of audience. One should understand that it’s not just another Facebook or Twitter.


In Twitter, you can think of the latest happening, which is the traditional news. But in medium, you can know what really happened.

The platform is filled with well-thought out content. This article will help you learn how to use medium blog

Get started with a medium blog by creating an account and follow people, publications that are relevant to your interest. Then engage by reading an article, recommending it or sharing or bookmarking it.

Write articles, add images & media and measure the results

How to auto publish the blog articles onto medium?

Medium has a unique set of audience. The article you write on your blog when shared on medium platform helps you reach a new set of audience with the same company.

If you have a blog of your own and wish to write on a platform like medium, you need not write fresh articles for both.

If you use WordPress content management system, it’s quite easy to integrate your medium account to your blog.

Firstly, draft a unique article on your blog and auto publish the same on medium.

To do so, you can use WordPress plugin for medium.

Activate the plugin and choose user section in your WordPress dashboard.

If you scroll down you can see the medium section in your dashboard as below

how to auto publish article on medium

Once you see the integration token, open a new window and go to your medium profile. Click on the settings from the drop down window of your medium profile.

If you scroll down, you can generate integrated tokens section. Enter the description and click on “Get integration token”

Copy the token and paste it into medium section provided in the WordPress dashboard.

Make sure you select cross post settings to Public in the public.

Now you can auto-publish the articles from your blog onto medium

Analytics in Medium

Traffic and visitor statistics are available for every post you write on Medium. You get a number of views on an article, how many read it and the read ratio, which is No. of visitor/No of readers. And the recommendation from your readers for an article.

medium stats

As you analyze the performance of an article, you can add few links back to your blog with relevant anchor text. This will increase your traffic and also the inbound links.

How to create a publication on medium

To create a publication on medium, firstly you should create Medium account. Then follow the following steps:

Click on publication from a drop window -> Click on New publication button as shown in the below screenshot

how to create publicationsGive a name to your publication, enter the description, add logo to the top left corner of the publication and various information such as email id, twitter/facebook links,

Proceed by clicking the Next button at the bottom left corner and go to the layout screen. Use tabs for creating various categories.

You’ll see the publication homepage as below

how to create a publication on medium

You can choose your desired layout, increase or decrease the size of the title, add a background image and a lot more.

At last, click Create button to create your publication.