Are you an affiliate and want to earn extra cash than the normal? Or Have you tried affiliate marketing on Facebook? If Yes, what if you succeed in making enough money just by following the exact process on how to promote affiliate products on Facebook?

This article will educate you on the steps required to sell your affiliate products on Facebook effortlessly. It’s not mandatory to have an own website for being an affiliate. Click on this link to learn how to build affiliate marketing that benefits you without a website?

Before proceeding to that, there is something called FTC guidelines that you should look after while promoting any affiliate products.

It says you should disclose that you will get a commission if any one buys the product through your links. So, read all the guidelines carefully prior performing any kind of activities as an affiliate.

Most of the newbies are not aware of this rules and just start promoting. Therefore, this information is very important, which I am going to highlight now.

Now, let’s come to the tips and tricks that enhance your product sales on Facebook.

Sell your product through Facebook page

Sign into your Facebook account and click on the Create page option on a top right portion of your profile as shown below:

how to sell affiliate products on facebook

Then, you will get the list of different types of page icon, click on the  “Brand or Product” option. Opt the definite category, for instance, choose food/beverages if you are promoting candy bar on your Facebook page.

Once you have created your product page think of what my Facebook goal be?

Do you have a clear picture of the outcome from your Facebook page? If no then, make a list of your objective. For example, do I want to generate traffic to my blog/website, get likes or use it as a forum to discuss on any certain issues?

After listing your objectives and before taking any action, you should connect with other similar product pages to drive maximum audience, or invite your friends to like your page.

Do you post your product benefits regularly?

As you’re dealing with products you have to highlight its benefits rather than the features. Because, features will allow the buyers to compare your products with the competitors whereas, benefits will temp them to buy the product. Additionally, publish those pages frequently as it builds momentum.

The post frequency should be of minimum 2 or 3 times a day so that, you can observe and act as per the response of your visitors.

Speed up your earning by automating the posts

Increase the productivity by automating the post using the tools like, and

If you want your visitors to perform some activities on your page even when you are sleeping, these tools are not the right choice. Turn your page into Q&A and with your subject knowledge solve your audience’s problems.

Remember, it’s a noisy social media world so, just posting your blog link doesn’t work, you need to be creative then people will recognize and take action on the products that you are promoting.

Integrate promotional videos

Upload as much as interesting videos about your niche on your Facebook page because people are more likely to watch videos than reading articles. In addition, add your photo and information about you as visitors want to know about you when they like your product.

Facebook Group or Facebook Page

The products and the page that you are promoting need visibility online right so, that doesn’t mean you need to market everywhere. Trust me, affiliate marketing is all about being relevant.

Here, Facebook page will be indexed by Google but not the Facebook group. Your Facebook fan page can give you analytics, whereas in groups you can’t track the activities.

Facebook page can also promote your product as well as get noticed by Google. Well, I am not underestimating Facebook groups, I am just highlighting what benefits your business so that, you can spend more time on that platform.

Link website to Facebook page and claim unique page URL

Facebook page and website are the two sources, where the follower notices your best products. To pull them at together, you can link your website to your product page via social widgets on your website.

Your Facebook page URL should be with your domain name as shown below:

how to sell products on facebooks

If you reach 25 followers on your Facebook page, you can choose a unique URL to your page by replacing a long tail string for example

Affiliate marketing with Facebook ads

Open your Facebook page, click on the create advert from the drop down window from the top right side as shown in fig:

sell affiliates products using facebook page


Affiliates like you can just upload the catalog, create the suitable campaigns for your products as shown in below screenshot, and let Facebook automatically drive products to people.

how to create a facebook campaign for affiliate products

You can target a specific audience based on the location, age, interest, and lot more in a short interval of time and acquired huge followers.  As an affiliate marketer, you will be promoting right products to the right people and save your precious time in attracting the followers to buy the products.

Facebook offers automatic promotion of relevant products from the entire catalog across various devices. Below are the steps involved in setting up your product ads.

  1. Upload your product catalog
  2. Set your pixel
  3. Build your dynamic template
  4. Run the product ads

To learn the exact steps on click on how to set up your Facebook product ads in detail,?

If you’re selling multiple products, Facebook’s dynamic product advertisement helps you to reach a large audience with relevant and timely manner. The above steps are essential to promote affiliate products on Facebook.

If you have any doubts or clarification on how to sell products on Facebook the comment your concerns in the comment section below. I will be glad to repond  you.