What app gets twice the actual engagement of Snapchat?….No. It’s the Pokemon Go.

A very few Seo experts know that Pokemon Go is more than just a game. It is an undeniably powerful technological innovation and a new web phenomenon.

By understanding how to leverage Pokemon Go you could help a lot to increase sales.

Here are the key tips to how to make your business a Pokemon stop

Check to see if your property is actually a PokeStop or Gym and after that promote accordingly.

If you’re a chosen PokeStop or Gym, you are huge benefits.

Market your business on Pokemon Go with a desirable area and assets just as you would certainly do if your state, situated near a top milestone or laid claim to the particular city’s best restaurant.

For instance, consider writing an article about your status as PokeStop or Gym in your city to be given relevant keyword searches as well as encourage out-of-town gaming lovers to select your property. Also, advertise your property’s relevant reputation on social media using the hashtags #pokestop, #pokemongo, and #pokemongym.

Take advantage of the Lure Module.                                               

If you want to know how to make your business a pokestop, you got to know the SEO strategy that can be applied on the Lure Module. Within the app, give info to game participants about how to buy
Pokemon lures which boost the presence of Pokemon critters in a chosen PokeStop.

Hospitality brands should take good thing about this easy customer purchase tool and drop fishing bait regularly to increase targeted traffic. Moreover, consider setting up a specific on-the-ground promotion during this time in order to lure potential customers to be actual customers.

Reward social behavior.

One of the most amusing parts of the game takes place when Pokemon creatures tend to be spotted in everyday conditions.

Encourage your customers to take a screenshot and share those photos on social media.

This will enhance your current status as a PokeStop resort or Gym, and take into account adding an incentive for doing so.

Alternatively, focus on and incentivize Pokemon-playing friends to leave a review of their experience at your hotel on relevant traveling review websites.

This strategy is not going to enhance your website search engine optimization, but it will encourage eager video game players to select your property in hopes that they’ll score a Pokemon and a deal.

Everyone wins this way and it is an excellent way to know how to make your business a Pokemon go stop.

According to your location, you can research exactly what PokeStops and Gyms are usually near your business and mix the information. Here is what the PokeStops look like within the game

Usually, PokeStops and Gyms are seen at the following types of locations

  • Libraries and other public properties
  • Historic locations
  • Hidden gems as well as hyper-local spots
  • Places of worship including churches, mosques etc
  • Museums
  • Parks
  • Art, figurines, and unique architectures

Once you have researched and known about how to make your business a Pokemon gym by using the PokeStops that are local to your business, you can combine this information in a blog post in your website – keyword-targeted in your business.

By studying and building this content, you are meeting the needs of the regional users who want to easily discover where the PokeStops and Fitness centers are in their area.

This could also lead to other sites connecting to you, which will help generate increased domain authority and affiliate traffic. You will position your website to get additional search visitors and help further build your website authority, which is great for Google SEO.

One of the important things to know about how to get a poke stop is that blog post content must be well-written and include images so that as much detail as possible.

You may also want to incorporate a Google Maps embed. The point is to offer quality content so users find yourself having a great experience and also share and link to the actual page. Be sure to leverage sociable sharing buttons on the web page as well.

Once you’ve verified there are PokeStops and Fitness centers near your business, a great way to push business is to have promotions for Pokemon Go gamers.

Offer them a discount on particular products or services; the discounts may also just be on the slow enterprise days.

Promote your offer by displaying a sign in front of your business, then point it out on your website, interpersonal profiles, Yelp and other nearby search profiles.

Few creative things for Pokemon marketing strategy

  • Create an Event for Pokemon Go players and take advantage of the Lure which draws in Pokemon to the location.
  • Create a product that appeals to Pokemon Go players, such as a food handling business making Pokemon-themed pastries or even a bar making Pokemon-themed refreshments.
  • Provide free of charge cell phone charging for Pokemon Go players.
  • Give discounts in line with the Pokemon Go player’s stage or team.