Normally, to make money online, you need to follow some systematic method and consistent strategy in today’s competitive world.

So, before thinking of such techniques, and strategies, you need a platform to apply all those right?.

That perfect platform is blogging.

An enormous amount of information are embedded into the web out there about blogging, and each one of them tells you different things. Which one do you listen? And whom do you follow?

Now, you make up your mind empty because a fully filled mind cannot retain any new thoughts.

I’m going to explain the step-by-step process with no shortcuts to help you how to make money with a blog for beginners?

Once a thought strikes into your head that you need to start a blog. You must buy a domain by registering in one of the best domain registration service best domain registration service provider,, and host it on one of the best web Hoster.

Soon after registering the domain and hosting, the question arises is how to make money with a blog?

Before applying any content marketing strategy in your blog to make money, your content should be engaging and conversational.

Since, you want to make money online with a blog, I will be revealing you how most of the best online marketer make money online using their blog traffic.

How to plan topics for the creating blog post that drive traffic?

Finding out what to write is a significant as how to write. So, find it from various sources like Buzzsumo, or go inside your head and pull out some topic.

Once you find topic go to Google keyword planner and look for low competition keywords and draft a blog post of up to 1200 words, never go for less.

Because those days were gone; blog post of 500 words ranks high on search engine.

Before writing a blog post title read this best kick ass blog post titles.

Content creating by repurposing

Once you draft a blog post with kick ass title. You need to promote the articles and I will cover how to do successful promotion in the later section of this article. Along with writing articles, you need to repurpose into the various platform.

The information, which you feel more valuable in your list of the article you can convert them into Slideshare, Info graphics, and free downloadable PDF.

Remember, the length and style of content will vary depending on the platform. Therefore, you need to modify but must contain the same information.

Promotional activities required for generating traffic

To make living out of your blog, you need to promote your blog along with writing articles consistently. When it comes to promotion, optimizing your blog to search engine is the fundamental criteria. Blogs tend to rank well on search engines because of their frequent updates.

Search Engine Optimization

Most of the newbie bloggers tell me, the SEO articles are too lengthy and might fail to grab reader’s attention, and they’d instead just write quality articles. The fact is that there are millions of article submitted to search engine every day with great writing, but doesn’t deserve to be read by many.

Because it’s not SEO friendly. That means, only long article around more than 1200 words of the  blog post can rank high on search engine. Check out some best SEO checklist for your blog.

On-Page SEO Techniques

On page SEO begins with content and many SEO techniques are cascaded in it. I am going to touch the most important ones in this article.

Keyword Rich Content: With the help of Google keyword planner, you can identify less competitive keywords that deserve better user search for your article.

Before performing a keyword search, master yourself on various techniques involved in Keyword planner. Click that link to know exactly how it works.

You can find high converting keywords using this tool, but where all you use it including your blog post matters the most. So, you need to use keywords in the following option.

  • Post and page titles
  • Page URL
  • Outbound links
  • Bold tags
  • Heading tags (H1 tag)
  • Alt tag ( for images )
  • In first few sentences of the blog post, but maintain 3%-5% of keyword density.
  • Meta tags (In meta title and meta description). Ensure that you insert keywords only once in meta description and title.

Off-Page SEO Technique

Off page SEO technique is all about what you do outside of your blog/website to drive traffic, which impacts ranking in the search engine result page. From the inception of SEO, one of the most powerful factors in Off-site SEO technique is inbound links. It’s the link that points to your site from different site, but must satisfy the following criteria.

  • The link must be from high ranked sites
  • Should be relevant to your niche
  • It should link using a relevant keyword.

To make money with a blog, you need to rank high on search engine. Therefore, inbound links play the most vital role in your earning.

So, let’s see how to quality inbound links?

Connect with other bloggers: Alert your new blog post to the blogger of same niche through emails. Comment on do follow blogs so that the link will be valuable. Additionally, the most recommended one is that if you draft quality blog post through various social  media, users will automatically link up to your article.

Buy links: If you consider blogging as a hardcore business, you must invest in buying some quality links. Several best backlink service providers are out there, for example, social monkee, backlinks etc.

Directories: Directory submission is easiest and effective ways of building inbound links. Start submitting your links to high Page Rank directory to get quality backlinks.

Social Bookmarking: Submit all your article to various high PR social bookmarking sites. And make sure you are consistent, only then you can get fruit for your hard work.

Guest blogging: In the very beginning, approach bloggers slightly above your level to get positioned as a guest author. With this, you can get link back to your site.

After all, have huge traffic but don’t know the perfect method on how to make money with a blog then what’s the use of quality links or traffic?

How to make money using your blog traffic?

Once you implement on-site and off- site SEO technique with quality blog post consistently, you start receiving visitors. Keep in mind, to make money through a blog you need to be consistent.

Because blogging is not one-night strategy.

In this section, I illustrate the different types of ad networks that pay you for your blog traffic.

The best and effective way to make money from traffic is through CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) advertising network. Impression means when the blog visitor arrives at your blog and doesn’t click on your ads.

Let’s get into some of the preferable lists of CPM networks.

Technorati: Technorati provides standard IAB ads, Skyscraper (160*600), Rectangle ads (300*250) and Leader board (728*90). Their minimum payment amount is $50 that means you can withdraw  the  amount only if it cross $50. They offer payment through account credit, check, PayPal or wired transfer. It has merged with many big giants like Yahoo, MSN, Hearst, Tribal Fusion, Washington Post.

CPX Interactive: Here the minimum payout is $50. It different ad size are a banner (468*60), leader board (728*90). It is the 6th fastest growing advertising network in 2008 with best scalability and transparency.

ValueClick Media: You need to get reach at least 3,000 impression/month for ValueClick media to approve your blog. They do have different size and types of advertisements and the payout amount is $25 through cheque or PayPal.

Tribal Fusion: They have set a benchmark of 500,000 unique visitors/month and it’s toughest of all but those, who get into tribal fusion can make enough money. They prefer minimum $50 of payout revenue.

Propeller Ads: Propeller ads network offers Pop-Under ads, mobile adverting, banner ads and many more. From past few years, it has become one of the best popular ad networks.

Burst Media: If your blog is capable of driving 25,000 monthly visitors with 5,000 unique views then you can walk over it. Even this network offers $50 of minimum payout.

However, Google Adsense may work best for you, if you’re driving at least 25,000 unique visitors then it’s better to go with CPM networks rather, as it pays you more than Google.