Do you want to earn money through CPA networks?

If so, then you should learn how to get accepted into CPA networks.

Wait a minute.

Prior applying to any CPA Network, one should know, what is CPA?

CPA is abbreviated as Cost Per Action. In simple words, you get paid in terms of commission when someone takes an action on the products by clicking on your affiliate link.

There are many articles about this topic, but none offers a systematic solution to earn money using CPA network.

Therefore, I promise that in this article you will learn the exact steps to make money through CPA networks in affiliate marketing.

Here are some of the best CPA networks through which you get accepted with less effort. They are trust worthy too.

  1. Peerfly


2. MaxBounty

max bounty

3. Global Wide Media

global wide media

4. Share a Sale

share a sale






If you’re a newbie in affiliate marketing and figuring out how to get accepted by CPA networks

Don’t worry!

By end of this article, you’ll have some idea on how to get accepted into CPA network.

Understanding these tips is very important because acceptance of your application into various CPA networks depends on definite criteria.

In case of an affiliate network, you can get accepted automatically. Therefore, let’s focus on entering into CPA network for now.

Firstly, let’s understand why they have kept approval process?

There is a possibility of fraud in these networks, as there are some offers, which doesn’t require credit card information.

Therefore, to protect their brand, the networks have an approval process.

Remember, an affiliate can become a millionaire by getting $1,000,000 of random people to fill out a form.

If you’re a newbie in this field, networks like Clickdealer, Avazu might deny your application, as they look for some CPA experience. ClickDealer rejected my application when I applied as a fresher.

You can view the offers only when you’re accepted by the network.

When you apply to become a member of an affiliate or publisher, you get a form, where you need to give your details.

And be honest while completing the form.

As I said earlier, the information must be true in all aspect of your internet marketing experience. Even though you are newbie be honest because they screen the application to avoid scammers not to reject newbie affiliates.

If you have your own website, chances are more to get accepted. Almost, every CPA network expects you to have your own website or blog to approve your application.

You can use a free platform like Blogspot or WordPress to get started and apply for these networks. And convey the message that you deal with PPC direct linking.

What is PPC direct linking?

Direct linking your Adwords PPC campaign to affiliate networks such as SaS (ShareASale), Teespring campaigns, Amazon etc is known as PPC direct linking. Here is an article about direct linking vs landing page.

Therefore, the importance of your blog or website doesn’t come into play.

Once you send the application, you will get an immediate response through their auto responder. Give a call to the phone number provided in that email or connect with Skype.

Below I have mentioned some of the questions ClickDealer’s quality assurance manager asked me when I got connected with her in Skype.

  • What traffic sources do you use?
  • What offers do you normally run?
  • What geo do you work with?
  • What other CPA networks do you work for?

Be prepared with the answers and while replying to “what other CPA networks do you work for?” mention some of the CPA networks to show that you have knowledge about it. You can also introduce yourself as PPC marketer and perform direct to merchant.

In case, if you are rejected don’t worry there is always second chance. But keep in mind, never forget to ask them the reason behind rejecting your application. So that next time you can correct yourself before making an entry.