If you’re an Internet marketer or blogger, you might probably be heard about link building strategy to rank on Google search engine. You must build links to your site for better online presence.

There are several methods to build it, but the most effective and easiest one is to find broken links on a website and replace it with yours.

Let’s see how to find broken links on a website. Having quality inbound links to your site is the only way to rank high on Google.

You should be smart enough to build links in less time. Therefore, I am going to explain you two types of easiest and effective link building strategy and they are:

  • Outbound Link building strategy
  • Inbound Link building strategy
  1. Outbound Link building strategy

Here, you will find the broken links of any particular site pointing out to someone’s domain, i.e outbound links.

Below are some of the website broken link checker tools to find the broken symbolic links on a website on other’s site:

  1. Broken link checker
  2. Dead link checker
  3. W3C Link checker
  4. Link Tiger

You can also add Google Chrome extension named Check My Link.

Using the  above tools you can find the broken links on any website, but a question might arise that which URL should I enter.

Because you can’t just guess the random URL and test to find the broken link. It kills your precious time but works fine if you perform with patience.

This limitation of time consuming can be eliminated if check for websites with broken links in a reverse manner and that is Inbound link building strategy.

2. Inbound Link building Strategy

As compared to outbound links, here you may find enormous quality broken links and gain an advantage of it.

Firstly, find the sites or brands, which are renamed or changed their business name online. Targeting such sites, you can get many backlinks to your site.

Because there will absolutely be many links pointing to it.

Identify the rebranded sites using the below string

“Page no longer exists” – This string work because some of such site might have created a dummy page stating, “This page no longer exists”. Look at the below image

this page no longer exists

Similarly, you can use other strings as I mentioned below:

  1. “this website is no longer updated”
  2. “this page is no longer updated”
  3. “service no longer available”
  4. “Website closed”

Once you find sites, which are redirected to other domain, it’s time to identify the links pointing to that domain. Very important!

To do that, copy and paste the outdated URL into the backlinks checker tools like Ahrefs.com, as it reports you with inbound links pointing to it.

Remember, several online tools to check broken links give you the outgoing ones rather than incoming. Therefore, I suggest you to use Ahrefs as it’s an awesome bad link checker to get a detailed report on inbound links pointing to those outdated link.

You are done almost !

Noe, reach out to the site owner and link it to yours.

This is the final step in this link building strategy. Every website/blog has a contact page, where you can find an email id of that site’s admin.

Send an email asking to link up to your domain, as their link is pointing to some outdated URL.

Here is the email script you can use.

Hi [Name of the site owner],

This is [ Your Name ], I was in search  of some article on the topic [ enter the topic of the broken link] and found your awesome article.

I came across a link to your article, which is broken as it is pointing to [ Paste the broken link]. As you already know, it is unfair for your site.

You may want to remove their URL from this article.

So, here is its screenshot

[ Insert the screenshot with the  anchor text]

And, I recently published a guide on the same topic [ Insert the URL after creating a unique content of the broken link here].

It might make a great addition to your broken link.

Anyway, Keep up the good work !


[Your Name].

As you are providing a value by notifying about their broken links, you gain attention. As you do this, most of them definitely link back to your site.

The SEO trend is changing; you should be in phase with that. How to find broken links on a website, and connecting to it in a smart way matters the most for your online success.

If you find how article helped you, please comment your opinion in the comment section below.