If you have ever thought of earning money through blogging then definitely you’ll be happy to hear that it’s an easy task, but it is very important for you to know how it is easy ?

The web offers a variety of ways to earn money through blogging. Once you create your blog, you must find the best ways to attract your audience and meet their expectation.

Now Let’s know what are the ways to earn money through blogging and how to identify different ways in order to do that? Here are the 5 easiest and shortest ways to earn money through the internet.

  1. Be a part of Advertising Program: Google AdSense is one of the well-known advertising programs. It extensively offers the variety of opportunities on pay-per-click video, text, display advertising and lot more.

    If you think of placing an advertisement on your blog then Google’s AdSense will have the top priority because it is simple and you no need to be a tech-savvy to earn from it.

  1. Join any Affiliate Programs: Affiliate programs lets you earn a commission just by promoting a product, which you choose.

    There are various types of affiliate programs like Amazon, Flipkart, Click Bank Communication and lot more. Here, each time if a product is sold through your blog then you will be rewarded with a certain percentage of commission.

  1. Earn while you publish Post and Reviews: Several websites out there, which will pay if you publish unique content or reviews on their site. You can also write a post on your own blog and exchange with other bloggers. Just learn how to get paid for the post or sponsored reviews before you publish.

  1. Get connected to a Blogging Network: There are numerous Blog Network, which comprises of bloggers and blogs publishing under a large brand or organization. They pay bloggers certain fee for the number of posts or word.

    Bloggers can also gain definite share from an advertiser, whose ad is linked to his/her posts depending on the number of page views. Additionally, it is better to ensure you plan for long-term blogging goals.

  1. You can sell your own Ad Space to Advertisers: If your blog is well established and driving sizable traffic then you can easily sell you ad space on your blog and get paid. Selling ad space directly might be quite difficult so there are some third party sites like BuySellAds.com that connectS publishers with advertisers. Approaching third party site for advertising is one of the smartest ways to get paid.