Sales and marketing are like dating, if you ask someone to marry me on the first date itself, then they probably say no.

If you do the same after many dates and building friendship, trust and then asking them to marry you will present you a positive response.

The result is same in the case of online marketing. because the possibility of a sale is very less for the first time visit. Here is the snapshot of return visitors for a keyword “donald trump”.

It’s clear that repetition is the key to sales.

If you can drive repeat visitors to your website/blog, you can make an online sale easily.

But how to you do that? what strategy you use? This article will just teachyou that.

We have analyzed several thousands of keywords to decide what types of content visitors likely to visit repeatedly.

Identify the return visitors

Keyword research tool like Ahrefs helps you to find return visitors for a particular keyword. You can view it in “return rate” option in the below screenshot.


Depending on the keywords, which got the highest number of return rate, you can draft an article. This would help you increase your online sales.

If the return rate is 1, the user searched for a particular keyword for once. If it’s 2 then they searched for twice in a month.

There are three major categories of keywords that users repeatedly type on search engine.

Informational: It’s all about the solution from a blog or website, for example, “How to design a log”, signs of pregnancy”

Navigational: It includes particular site log in like “Facebook”, “SBI log in”, “Twitter” etc

Transactional: User under this category search for the terms like “buy shoes online” get insurance online” etc

Users are more likely to search navigational sites like facebook, twitter than “how to prepare a tea” etc. Therefore, if I search the term “amazon”, Google will provide more informational and interactive data.  Here is what I got.

How To Drive Repeat Visitors To Your Website

The search engine result page includes

  • Amazon
  • Twitter
  • com Books
  • My account
  • Wikipedia
  • Facebook

Now you have identified the categories that user search repeatedly. Generally, users type News, Educational and Sex queries several times per month. Among these, the news is a big winner.

Irrespective of your niche, you can provide the news update. i.e. If your niche is online marketing, write on the latest update on internet marketing, if you’re into fashion, provide latest fashion trends.

Now you have chosen the category that more visitors will land. It’s time to promote that category. Here are some of the ways you can promote it.

Social Media Profile

If you’re approaching your target customer to sell a product, you meet them and ask for sale right. Similarly, when it comes to social media marketing, you have got one most important thing to ask.

That is, to mark your page to view first in your news feed whenever you log in facebook. They can do it by selecting “See First” option appearing on the drop down window in the following button.

Visitors from social media are more likely to return often if you provide an enormous amount of valuable information in a blog post.

Remember, promote your social media in locations, where your audience will notice.


Remarketing is a strategy of targeting past visitors. It reminds them about the valuable information you provided on your blog/website repeatedly. Your blog obviously updated with new blog posts, which you can promote to your audience. This strategy suits well for converting single visitors into repeat visitors.

Ways of remarketing:

Search remarketing: Make use of Google’s Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA), as it allows you to run ads with specific keywords and drive visitors back to the websites.

Social media marketing: Re-engage with your audience using social media page. Get them follow your page using social media ads and start providing value to them with informative articles.

Site Remarketing: Approach for display ads on other websites of your niche and target the ad to your audience, who have visited your site previously.