Have you wondered why some content on social media go viral and some left unnoticed?

Or have you tried to understand what’s the uniqueness of the content, which has gone viral?

A few days back I was figuring out why some videos, graphics, and tweets go viral and found an interesting example on how to create a viral content, which I will be sharing with you today in this article.

Remember, in this information era, if you’re a media company, or proving marketing service to your client online or whatever be the product you sell, You should know how to make your product or service go viral? Only then, you can stand out of crowd.

Blendtech is a company in the United States that sells professional and home blenders.

Back in the days, their sales were down and in order to increase sales, even if their products were good. In order to make people aware of their quality product, they made a video, where they started blending an iPhone from a blender.

And the video receives millions of views and their sales was increased by 60%.

The reason behind that viral video is that the video has broken the thinking pattern of the most people. Because blender is for blending fruits and vegetables, not an iPhone. And nobody has ever thought off.

In order to make people engage with your content, your content should break the thinking pattern of the people.

Now you may ask, is it possible to make anything go viral, or are some things goes viral naturally.

But listen, a topic on a smartphone is more interesting than tax returns, discussing on the movies are interesting than marketing or adverting.

Try to synchronize your product or service with an idea that break the thinking pattern of your potential customer and chances are more that your products going viral.

In my next article, I will come up with more ideas that explain step by step procedure on how to make your products or service go viral.

If you’ve any other idea on how to create viral content then share your thoughts in comment section.