Do you want to learn how to create a gaming blog? Maybe you’re lacking with the exact steps required to build a successful gaming blog? This article is drafted for the same reason.

If you’re passionate about games then it’s also easy to make money blogging through. I have illustrated how to set up gaming blog in this article and this will just take your 10 minutes of your time to read.

If you’re a gamer you can go through why a gamer should blog in the later section of this article. Now let’s see how to create a gaming blog to make money?

To emerge as successful bloggers you need an equal amount of the time and dedication as that of a full-time job.

Above all these hard work you should be smart enough in choosing the niche to create your own gaming website.

The gaming industry is too wide, so you should narrow your choice.

Look at these points to get the clear picture on choosing the topic for your gaming blog

Narrow your focus:  Numerous gaming websites are out there. Planning about your niche before building your blog will help you come up with best design process. Gaming blogs can excel if it focus on the below-explained categories:

Reviews: Game reviews are the most popular form of driving traffic. You need to do a lot  of stand out  of crowd strategy as this industry is more saturated.

News:  The latest trending gaming stories bring in most traffic for gaming sites. Emerging as a brand is quite challenging.

Community: the Gaming world needs community so build it as soon as possible to make a great way.  With this, a blogger can gain a huge amount of follower relevant to their niche.

Tips and Strategy blogs: These terms hold more search volume and also a popular topic but it projects a strong competition. So, unique approach is must…!

Plan rough designs layout

Prior you develop the website, have a basic layout and visual style worked out. You can draw them on a sheet to creating mockups in Photoshop, or prepare a flowchart illustrating the basic navigation on how your site will work.

Basic HTML

Basic HTML is must even if you’re not building the website by yourself so that you can update the site with your content. You can learn within few hours, and master it in a short span of time.

Why gamers should blog?

The most easiest part of blogging about games is that you can write what you think about a certain game. Since you have practical experience; therefore it is quite easy to pen your good and bad part of that game. As it is honest, your audience would really love it.

Conveying your audience your opinion is not difficult, right?

Here, you’re already an expert on it. There’s only one prime factor your blog readers need from you, and that’s your words on experience. This is the reason you should blog.

Before you decide which niche you want to blog. You should buy a domain from a Godaddy or Big rock or any other domain registration company. And then host it in web server through web hosting companies like Bluehost, Hostgator.

When it comes to blogging, content management system like WordPress, Joomla etc are available. These are known as the framework, which helps you to design blogs/websites with little to no coding skills.

These are the great options to create a gaming website for beginners, who don’t want to throw a lot of money in designing at an early stage. It may be a better idea to save that money for some great graphics for your blog, or even some overlays for your game reviews.

Here are the top gaming blogs names.

  1. GoNintendo (
  2. Shacknews (
  3. That VideoGame Blog (
  4. UK Resistance (
  5. Touch Arcade (
  6. Guardian Games Blog (
  7. Destructoid (
  8. VG247 (
  9. Joystiq (
  10. 10.Kotaku (

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