Every business needs sales.

For example, Google is nothing without Pay Per Click Advertisement. Facebook may go out of business without Sponsored Advertisement. The same applies to LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, and Yahoo.

What I completely believe is that in order to make a sale, you should educate our customers in the first place. can be done only through giving a solution. This awareness can be done only through giving a solution.

Social giant, Facebook has first increased their customer base and then started promoting sponsored ads. Right immediately after registering facebook domain name they didn’t start. Hope you agree to this.

Similarly, if you have launched your product or service, educate your customers about that then start selling. Every buyer seeks knowledge before making a purchase decision.

Only through content marketing, you can increase your customer base as because they get clarity on your products.

We should give solutions instead of selling the products to our customer.

And it’s possible only with Content Marketing, but don’t confuse it with advertising. This article will explain you how content marketing is different from adverting?

There is a lot of difference between content marketing and advertising. Prior going to the different let’s see what is content marketing.

Content marketing is a marketing tactic, where you create valuable and relevant content that speaks about your products/service or sometimes it can be about your customers itself to engage them with your brand.

Here are the elements required for creating sales funnel using content marketing


Content marketing is a long-term goal. It defines the company’s wide marketing strategy with value added content.

The common goal of both advertising and content marketing is to increase awareness. Content marketing goes on the path of education customers and awareness, whereas advertising focus directly on creating awareness.

Companies that made big with content marketing?


Cisco used content marketing actively to scale their marketing campaigns. There were not aware of the effectiveness of content marketing until they launched a new product.

Here is what they did.

In order to measure the ROI of content marketing, they considered their newly launched router. Using content marketing, they were able to reach their goals for $100,000 less than expected.

They had provided the solution to the customer using social media campaigns and the result was one of the top five launches till date of company’s history.

Senior manager of social media said that the company would use this marketing strategy for future products.

Social media can be the system to measure the ROI of content marketing efforts.


Virgin Mobile, a wireless communication and VoIP provider to provide better service to their customer first adopted social media and content marketing.

They own a social newsroom named Virgin Mobile Live to promote music, apps and various form of digital content.

Brand officer at Virgin Mobile said that the content marketing strategies played the most vital role in establishing Virgin Mobile as the best Brand.

Just because of enhancing social engagement, Virgin Mobile has been successful than its competitors. It helped to deepen the level of engagement with the customers.