Do you want success at a level that confuses everyone around you? Then, I suggest building a personal brand online is the quickest way to do it.

Prior that, you must have a clear picture of what is personal branding?

If you’re a family physician, you offer vaccinations, physicals, and prescription. If you’re a businessman, irrespective of the industry, there will be many other professionals, who pose a lot of competition for you.

You run a business. No doubt that you get some business and make few thousands of  bucks for  your  living, but remember one thing, you didn’t go to school or college and working hard to earn this small amount right?

You are doing this to make great living and epic lifestyle. If that is not happening then you should probably on the path of gaining useless wisdom. You need to figure the solution

Personal branding is the one stop solution for all those challenges and the key to unlock your desired success. The reason why personal branding is important because of the following reason:

  • Building personal brand turns your name into a distinctive product that holds desired qualities that most businesspersons seek.
  • Quality products are easy to sell and you will be more profitable as you attract more clientele
  • Brands would approach you for better enhancement of their business.

Nowadays, building a personal brand online is a hot topic in corporate and there is a great deal of confusion.

For your information, Nike and Anheuser-Busch are spending more than $30 million on brand development. And some of you might comment it is wrong. But this stuff is not for you.

As an individual, you need a personal brand. Before you do that, you understand what actually personal brand does.

Gregory Bateson an English anthropologist, social scientist says, personal branding is all about perceptive i.e how others perceive you. “The processes of perception are inaccessible; only the products are conscious and of course, it is the products that are necessary”.

Take control on how other people perceive you before they contact you directly. In your street, if there is another accountant or lawyer, people will approach you rather than other in case if they’ve already perceived you.

What a personal brand does?

Building personal brand will help you to achieve 3 most  crucial goals that are essential to make more money in your life.

  1. A personal brand makes people see you’re different: It projects you as a specialist with the content you put out to the outside world.
  2. Helping people, who want to be like you: Everyone wants to work with people they like so that they relate to you on a personal level.
  3. Getting prospects at your doorstep: Our society is saturated with sales and marketing. According to the USA today, a normal consumer view almost 5,000 ads/day. So, your personal brand will not bombard any business man similar to  that of ads do. A brand can just  drive towards your doorstep to avail  your service.

If you achieve above 3 then making money is absolutely easy.

Execute the following things to get started.

  • First, decide a tagline that judge who you are and what you want to do in life.
  • Turn your name into business name
  • Register a domain name as it just costs not more than 500/year.
  • Host your domain in good web hosting server. I recommend Hostgator.
  • Identify your strengths in terms of your communication. Are you good at writing or creating videos? Because you need to put out content to build your personal brand.
  • Decide your niche, for example, if you want to excel yourself in internet marketing then put out valuable content on that topic. It can be articles, blogs, info graphics or YouTube videos.

7 must have marketing tools to build your personal brand

There is a saying “facts tell and stories sell”. If you want to sell yourself, create your story on:

  • How you grew up?
  • Family stories
  • Your education
  • Life lesson of mentors if any
  • First jobs

People love to read other people’s story so don’t every judge that you are not interesting enough for them to care about you.

WordPress: As I have already mentioned, you need to put out content on your profession. To do so, WordPress blog is best and it’s easy to integrate with lot of plugins

Facebook Fan page: Facebook is a wonderful platform, as it has a huge audience. You might be having a Facebook profile, but for building a personal brand you need facebook fan page.

Twitter: Reach a large number of professionals in 140 characters. It’s an undeniable way to build followers, which is very important to establish your brand. Depending on your quality content, you scale the followers.

LinkedIn: It houses the network of professionals. Search engines like Google and Bing index LinkedIn heavily. You can make your profile emerge as one of the highest-ranking search results for your name.

Direct Email: Building professional relationship with your audience is the biggest business in the world. There are various email service tools like Get Response, MailChimp etc to connect with your audience through mail. Build a list and share your content with them.

HootSuite: Manage all your social media profiles like facebook fan page, twitter, linkedIn, WordPress and a lot more with HootSuite. Remember, time is the biggest asset and that is the reason this social media dashboard is in the market. It saves your precious time.

Medium: It is the perfect platform to read, write and interact with different writers. The best content will be positioned on its homepage irrespective of the followers a profile have. If you can create really good content then you can make a big different with this large number of audience.

All you need to do for building a personal brand is, you need to hustle and it is the only way to make money or build a system that drives people towards you.

If you have any question on building a personal brand or any queries regarding this article, please share it below in the comment section.