Google’s Analytics 360 Suite is dedicated to unify and syndicate the data required for advertising and marketing across various channels.

Till date, online consumers were blasted with the ads based on the keywords, and their data provided to the marketers. However, those ads were not relevant in most cases.

In other words, we as a consumer turned completely into digital by leaving our information like mail id, name, contact details, etc, as we research about the product and service before opting it.

In addition, every online customer browses for a solution that meets his or her requirement by being too specific.

Along the way, marketers and advertisers find difficult in capturing the data to provide exactly what customer wants online. This is where Google’s Analytics 360 Suite comes into the picture.

Google has moved into marketing and data management solutions with the launch of its 360 suite and decided to provide personalized and humanized advertising.

This analytics 360 suite offer the marketers an easy way to keep track of their customer performance and access third party data. Therefore, marketers gain its advantage and advertise in such a way that it is completely aligned with customer’s research, and shopping style. However, this maintains the privacy of the consumer.

Google’s analytics 360 suite helps marketers to promote the ads to the end consumer based on their preference and past behaviours, not based on keywords or through cookies banner retargeting.  

It’s a huge shift from keyword-based targeting to customer level targeting. This results in ads that are tailored to only what they like.

Author’s Take

The launch has created an excitement among marketers. Nevertheless, it is sure that the brands should maintain transparency on how they collect consumer’s data and provide value in exchange for it. In case, if they fail to bring real value then those brands are sure to lose customer’s trust.

Google’s analytics 360 suite is friendly for both marketers and consumer, but right now it is available only for enterprise-level not for all individual brands. Marketers are trying hard to poke the customer with the right target and acquire everyone. In the future, there can be a huge shift, where advertising goes more effective.