Now, Shopping ads can be promoted along with the YouTube videos. It is because YouTube has recently disclosed the latest version of listing ads on products. Therefore, shopping ads are now available on  YouTube. Here the retailers can promote their products simultaneously with the TrueView. (A YouTube video ad with the ability to skip the advertisement after five seconds). 

Google has enabled this by an integration with Google Merchant Center (A place, where you can upload your product information so that, shoppers view your ads online).

Google has updated its structure and technology on YouTube. Clicking on the product ads will take you straight to the merchant’s website. Here, along with retailer’s YouTube videos, the ads will be delivered in cards.

This wonderful feature will be accessible in Adwords also in coming days. Right now, it is delayed only for those, who doesn’t have Google rep. The advertisers with Google rep are able to run TrueView especially for shopping campaigns. It’s is really a beneficial factor for advertisers to scale their product to the maximum.

Compared to banner ads, this type of shopping ads on Youtube might catch greater attention as it is one of the best video platform, where user spend an enormous amount of time.