Are you planning to start a new blog/website?

If yes, you might have not aware that there is a lot of procedure to go; starting from design to the development, from creating content to marketing strategy.

To execute all these, you might require much time.

You must perform enough keyword research, as it gives you a clear idea on where you want to take your blog.

Before you design your blog, you should be able to:

  • Analyze the best keywords based on your niche, monthly searches
  • List out your competitors and know about the peak of competition.
  • Plan content calendar based on long tail keywords

To perform the above list time-effectively, various keyword research tools will help you. Here I am going to discuss with you those 7 free keyword research tools.

Google Keyword Planner

This keyword tool has been my favorite one for many years.

Not only a good choice while starting a new site, but it can also be your best friend, as you grow and publish more content that influence people.


The primary benefit of this tool is to pull information directly from Google, you’re most likely to target, when optimizing your website.

Google keyword planner gives information on:

  • Average monthly searches
  • The height of competition
  • Suggested bid if you want to run Google ads

Google Correlate

Getting advice directly from the main source is the best way. I’m talking about, Google.

Google Correlate is an overlooked tool. It is an extremely powerful for generating a list of large keyword.

This tool helps you to see, which keyword get searched along with your primary keyword. As you see in the below image, people who searched for “health tips” also search related phrases.


Health tips might be the primary keyword and there are various others, which you need to focus. You might create a blog post on all correlations or few of them.

You must use this tool as it has the ability to see which keywords are searched together. With this information, you can begin to grow your keyword list (especially longtails).

IMforSMB Bulk Keyword Generator

IMforSMB bulk keyword tool is perfect only for a particular site. Only few keyword tools perform well for all types of blogs/websites.

IMforSMB bulk keyword generator works fine for local service provider and fills the requirement of local business like electrician, flooring, landscaping, cleaning, interior designers, removalist, painter, and plumber.


From these options, you can choose the required service type.


Select the service type and enter your keyword, click “Generate Keyword” you get a list of related keywords.

Keyword In

This keyword research tool combines your keyword with ease. It provides you the long tail keywords.keyword in


Type the keyword and hit the “Generate” button.

This tool is simplest and effective. You just need to choose your keyword options and generate results, which give you keyword ideas, as you might not always like generated keyword phrase.

For better result, experiment with each match type, which includes, phrase match, broad match and exact match.

I prefer the keywords that are easy to use because users type only such keywords often.


Soovle is the best keyword suggestion tools that provide search result of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and well-known sites such as Wikipedia, YouTube, Amazon, etc.


Thought the search results are not advanced, the suggestions helps to boost your blog. It saves your precious time as you get a clear picture of the search results of various search engines.

Use a variety of keywords and analyze the search results of each source. It’s quick and easy to obtain ideas.


Ubersuggest provides keyword list that is not present in Google keyword planner. If you depend too much on Google for keyword suggestion, then using this tool will benefit your goal with more better option.


Type the keyword and click on “Suggest” button. You can break the result by letters for instance search for “SEO keyword tool” and typing letter “c” will give results as below.


Wordtracker Scout

Have you come across any tool that provides you the keyword list of your competitors? If not, here is one.

Wordtracker Scout, a high-powered chrome extension. Install the extension, hover over the content a click “W” button and you will see as below:


Scout gives you access to competitive keywords from any page with just a click of a button.

If will leave a huge amount of money on the table, if you’re not paying close attention to your competitor’s keyword strategy.

It lets you analyze your competitor’s approach through keywords and access high performing keyword metrics. Moreover, it’s simple to use.


Remember, there is a right and a wrong way as well, while performing keyword research. I suggest you to experiment with all these 7 free tools to ensure the right keywords for your blog/websites.

What’s your thought on this article? Feel free to share your feedback below in the comment section.