Facebook had decided to change its news feed algorithm and the results are favourable to their friends and family of the user. The result is unfavourable to the publishers, as their content will show less in news feed significantly decreasing the traffic. It indicates that the social giant is focusing on maintaining interest level in its news feed.

Facebook to alter its news feed algorithm, publishers face a challenge to drive referral traffic from their facebook business page.

The changes help new media companies and older firms like The Washington Post, The New York Times, BuzzFeed, Vox Media, etc might rank lower. This would be the best evidence that market will change without any information on how they will change.

This will influence all sorts of contents like video, text, info graphics, graphics etc. Facebook plans to execute. Facebook announced that it would expect a fall of referral traffic for publishers from their Facebook fan page. It had decided to make the changes this week.

If the friends of the publishers interact with their content then it will appear in the news feed in which the publisher drives traffic to the sites.  From past few years, publishers are trying hard to gain readership from their facebook page, but fails to achieve their objective of traffic; therefore they underwent online advertising resulting a partnership between facebook and publishers.

On April 12th 2016, facebook has developed Instant Articles for publishers to load their articles 10 times faster than the current ones on facebook business page. It was the faster experience for the users. Publishers are getting paid for creating broadcast for facebook. Now, the changes will influence even these features.

Publishers value the referral traffic from facebook but they also fear of overwhelming of visitor only at facebook consuming the content rather than visiting a publisher’s own site. According to Pew Research Center, 44% of adults in the United States read news content on the site. Parse.ly is an analytics company found that 40% of referral traffic to new sites comes from facebook itself.

Internet Marketers should really pay attention to their referral traffic as facebook to alter its news feed algorithm that focuses on your friends and family.