This year Facebook has an amazing plan for their Messengers. During the F8 developer conference, It has decided to initiate a well-known messaging platform for publishers. This Facebook messenger lets various publishers share their valuable content on it through chat bots. They can share in the form of description, which intern link back to the articles on their blogs/website.

Several rumors were out there stating Facebook was working on developing a software kit, which will enable developers to create chat bots.

Publishers can share their stories with readers inside the Messenger.   

According to Marketing Land, this service will be available to the publishers at the F8 developer conference in the month of April. As the publisher can share their content, mobile messaging apps are becoming extremely popular. Therefore, Facebook is now planning to shift its focus into the new direction, which is more effective than social networking by introducing Facebook messenger.

Soon the publisher can auto distribute their content through Facebook messenger. The first publisher is the German newspaper, Bild used as an example to show other publishers, how they can operate this Messenger. It’s also clear that Bild began to use it in early 2016.

Author’s take

This new development will surely be the new way for marketers to scale themselves. The known fact is that changes and unique development in existing platform will always a driving force in marketing. As a result, Facebook has adopted themselves such improvements by providing this opportunity to its user. Additionally, it’s good to be first in the marketing, so any social media bringing any changes or creative ideas will work extraordinary.

To stay ahead in the competition, every social media must undergo some sort of adaptation in their platform or come up with something new. An even big giant like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat knows very well about this. Therefore, from the day of their inception, they have adopted changes in their system because marketing keeps changing.