Facebook is one of the biggest and widest social networks. It has changed the culture and the way we do business strategically. This article gives a hint for your blog/website with few facebook marketing tips and tricks, which help you to promote your blog post of your facebook business page.

I have been observed several best bloggers and online marketer just posting their blog post or links on social media, where the landing page is pitching the products or services.

Additionally, to reach promotional activities to the maximum numbers they promote their business page and obtain likes as much as possible. So that, its every activity reaches the huge audience.

Ultimately, they end up with disappointment.

Because the number of viewers the post reach is almost negligible if compared to the likes they hold.

Therefore, I was figuring out the reason behind such low-level engagement even though the business holds around lakhs of followers. and got the perfect answer.

This is because the marketers aren’t wise enough to find out the exact facebook marketing tips and tricks, which I have integrated on this blog post, to get required engagement for any brand.

From the date of its launch to till date, this big social giant  has been altering its algorithm consistently for the better enhancement of user experience.

It has tried to bridge a gap between user and marketers so that they won’t overlap each other. In simple term, Facebook does not want the user to get pissed off with the enormous amount of ads on their profile.

If you’re a blogger, you post the link on your facebook fan page and it is left unseen with no engagement.

“To gain attention, you need trust and to gain trust you need to grab attention”. Both are interconnected.

The reason behind drafting this article is to give you the well- researched information on why most of the blog posts published by the bloggers are unseen with lesser engagement.

Therefore, you can apply these tips to your online activity and get the desired result.

Several online marketer especially social media ones know very well on how to promote a product on facebook. Among them, very few of them exactly know how their posts reach the fans.

Let me tell you the real fact.

For instance, your business page might contain more than 5 lakhs of likes but it reaches just 3-5% of it.

Now a quest may rise in your mind. Why such small amount of user see, when the brand has more than lakhs of followers?

Here the facebook marketing trick is to understand how it’s algorithm works.

There is an algorithm called Edgerank, which customizes your news feed based on your activity on the posts, videos, your friend’s status update etc.

Edgerank decides which stories should appear in every user’s newsfeed. It hides boring stories, which no one likes, shares, or comment.

We as a user like some business page for the sake of our need, and suck the valuable information. However, as the day passes the same information might go unless based on our requirement.

For example, a student likes a page that offers verbal skill training through it. But once the need over, he/she won’t unlike it and automatically it’s activities are left unseen.

Facebook knows very well about this from the day of its inception. As a result, it has introduced Edgerank.

Remember, your ultimate goal is to make the user take action when you publish a blog post or link that sell stuff.

Acquire required engagement and then drive traffic to your blog.

If you want your blog post to reach the most followers, then before posting you need to create few post that doesn’t include a call to action button or sells or asks anything. Just provide value.

Publish some videos, text relating to your brand that tempts viewers to take action. Now, you may tell my brand is not into any entertainment so how can I do that?

Let me tell you the fact for which category people will engage.

  1. Entertainment, games, and music, where tells that people want to escape.
  2. People are interested in knowing about others, which can be identified from the level of social media engagement.
  3. People value the services related to their routine work, gadgets etc.

Based on the above facts, you can perform engagement related activities and ensure you never go out of the brand. It can be funny videos, text or images representing the brand.

Driving traffic to your website from your fan page completely depends on the level of engagement of your previous post had. Remember, every online marketer should know this.

Tips and Tricks that won’t work in this noisy social media world.

On the web, tons of facebook marketing tips and tricks are out, which doesn’t illustrate how the Edge rank algorithm works, but unless you understand that, your strategy will not be fruitful.

Here are some of those facebook marketing tips and tricks also that aren’t effective.

Getting paid likes: As I explained earlier, you may get attract more facebook page like or buy it from somewhere else, if you fail to engage viewers to your  post then the likes aren’t much effective.

You might also think of buying page, which has some huge number of followers and merging it yours. Here the big disadvantage is, its existing followers aren’t relevant to your brand. As a result, you might find it difficult to engage them.

  • Commenting links: Placing your website link in comment box of the post of some best brand will bring no value but puts your brand in the wrong path in the eyes of visitors.
  • Publishing repeatedly: The promotional page has already crowded, so repeatedly posting the blog post on it is of no use without any strategy.

Applying these facebook marketing tips and tricks requires planning, which should fall within the boundary of your brand.