The concept of digital marketing is changing. The marketing strategy that once used to be in vogue has now become outdated.

Under such circumstances, it is crucial for us to have clarity in developing online marketing strategy because we live in information era.


If earning consistently through online marketing is your goal then ensure you choose the right niche that is profitable in this industry.

One such platform is CPA marketing.

CPA stands for Click per Acquisition or Cost per Action.

Whether you have a well-visited website or you are planning to host one, CPA marketing for beginners in digital marketing industry will be the perfect choice. Before knowing how it is?

Let’s know what is CPA marketing

When a user visits an affiliate link from your website or the landing page you are promoting and complete any of the following actions then you get paid:

  • Getting an estimate or quote
  • Buying a product
  • Filling out a form
  • Signing up for free trial etc.

One of the major aspects that have made CPA marketing to shine brightly is the fast ROI. You can integrate CPA offers without disfiguring your website with clumsy banners ads. Therefore, when you decide to make full use of CPA marketing you always stay ahead of your competitors.

What is in it for me?

Before every action, there is one basic question and that is, “What’s in it for me?”

An answer to this brilliant question is, there are people who are making millions with CPA marketing in which a single conversion can yield anywhere between 0.10$ to 10$.

Sometimes you get paid up to 50$ when users enter their credit card details to avail trial products. There are people who are making a living out of CPA marketing. And you too can make a decent living with just with one website so, you can rest assured that you are on the right track.

How to start CPA marketing?

You can start CPA marketing with or without websites.

If you don’t have a website, you can make use of paid social media ads and start promoting a product from CPA networks.

I suggest you to a website of your own.

Driving traffic is another most important step towards being a proficient CPA marketer. Following steps are the most significant for driving traffic:

  • Social media is too powerful to neglect. Creating fan page on Facebook helps you drive traffic to your landing pages. Join relevant Facebook Groups that are relevant to the product you promote.
  • YouTube videos are one of the most attention grabbers. It helps to drive maximize traffic to your landing page. If you know how to create valuable stuff, then you can make a big difference.
  • Learn to use PPC at an advanced level. This one always has the potentiality to generate relevant traffic to your landing page.
  • If you don’t want to create content of any kind, make a good use of your graphic design skills. At the beginning, you can buy prime ad space through BuySellAds for a certain period. Upon placing the ad successfully, you will generate traffics.
  • Driving the targeted traffic to your website will take you to the next level in CPA marketing.

Use Canva for creating infographics or landing page design

CPA network

Identifying the right niches plays a crucial role in CPA marketing. Make sure to do an extensive research before choosing the right niche. Apart from doing Google search, you can search keywords related to your niche. This will give a distinct idea about which niche to choose.

Your next steps involve, finding the unique CPA marketing offers. Make sure the offers are in alignment with your existing traffic.

Websites like and will help you to search authentic CPA offers that meet your requirements. Before choosing any offer, you should also ensure to check the availability of the offers in your native country.

A landing page is another important aspect of CPA. This is where your links will divert traffic to therefore should be of legitimate enough. Besides, professionally looking landing page offers higher conversion rate.

Selecting the right CPA marketing networks is another crucial step. Have an in-depth research before choosing the one., CPATank, PeerFly, EWA and Maxbounty are among the few CPA networks that pay weekly. If you are a newbie in the sphere of CPA marketing then go through the following websites before you plunge into CPA marketing. They are the best CPA networks for beginners:

  • BizProfits
  • IntentMedia
  • AdSupply
  • MediaShakers
  • ClickMob
  • ViralGains
  • Wowtrk
  • Vertoz
  • YTZ International

Not to mention there are lots of highest paying CPA networks, who claims to offer higher dividends.

One should be careful with those, as most of them are not reliable, so always ensure you to read the reviews on oDigger before choosing any network. This will save you from a bad investment.

Now that you have selected the CPA network, you are ready to join the network. Just clicking on the link provided on the offer page will open an application form.

Then, you will be asked to give you a phone number, which should match with the phone number provided on your website.

You need to fill up with utmost care. Make sure that your site’s address matches with your mailing address. Be upfront while it comes to share your internet marketing experience and skills.

Many CPA networks are very strict to avoid any fraud. Once the form is filled up and submitted, one of the authorized persons from that particular network will call you.

But to get accepted faster you must take the initiative to call them instead of waiting for them to call you. This will also prove that you are genuinely interested in business.

Once your application is approved from a reputed CPA network, you are ready to make money with CPA offers.

Remember, to maximize your benefits from CPA marketing you need to integrate your advertising in a most professional way.

A professional website with perfectly integrated CPA strategy always yields a decent income at a lesser time.

Neither high intelligence nor higher education, all you need is to follow the above-mentioned tips and tricks to become a leader in CPA marketing.

And most interestingly, you need not be well-experienced in digital marketing. A little confidence and courage to make some trial and error will take your business to the next level.

CPA marketing doesn’t demand any upkeep, so virtually this generates maintenance free income. It will be a perfect passive income source.

However, it is required to check that the advertisements are running uninterrupted and that’s all you can do from your side. You can see how magically income.