David Ogilvy is known as the father of advertising, and also the founder of Ogilvy and Mather, a multi-billion dollar company.

According to David Ogilvy, advertising people, who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore decodes of their enemy signals.

He knows the true value of being specific to his target audience. In his viewpoint, while writing an advertising copy you should know

  • What your audience thinks?
  • To whom you’re writing for?
  • What your audience needs?

Copywriting in advertising should answer the above questions, which are also copywriting tips for beginners.

Great copy needs great understanding so that you’ll know the best way to serve your audience. For that, you need to perform research.

It’s understood that copywriting sells more…!

Why Businesses Need A Copywriter?

When 93% of B2B marketers are using content marketing, they surely perform research to write a better copy. Nowadays, the blogs that provide copy-writing tips are in great demand as the online businesses look for ideas.

This article is all  about the copywriting tips for bloggers and internet marketers

Highlight Benefits Over Features

This is one of the most fundamental copywriting secrets for beginners. For instance, AT&T and Airtel are internet companies offering high-speed internet of about 50 Mbps.

Here the internet speed 50 Mbps and you should emphasize the benefits over the feature. The headline might be “Get high-speed internet 50 Mbps download speed”.

Now you’re highlighting the feature by mentioning 50 Mbps but most of the people aren’t aware of how fast is 50 Mbps. Therefore, you better choose not to display the feature(50mbps) rather say the benefits.

The alternative headline to emphasize the benefit might go like this, “Get High-Speed Internet To Watch High Definition Video Will Never Buffer” or “Watch Live Stream Videos Without Interruption From Our High Seep Internet Service”.

In copywriting, you should emphasize benefits first and later go for the features.

Extreme Specificity

Marketing is all about being specific; therefore, copywriting should be as specific as possible. Being extreme specific while writing a title will make viewers think.

Let me give some examples with extreme specificity.

  • How to increase your blog traffic by 286%
  • $153,645 earned in just 4 months of blogging
  • Assisted Jack to increase subscription by 71%

As you can see, being specific makes your copy more effective. When it comes to selling your online product through your blog, think what any specific feature about your product that will benefit your customers.

Remember,  your headline should be ultra specific.

Target Emotions

Most of our purchase decisions are made by our emotions, but we think it’s logical, which is totally wrong.


People are more influenced by their emotions, which in turn closely associated with decision-making.

6 emotions that make customers buy

  • Fear: If I buy, I will be fearless
  • Greed: If I buy, I will be rewarded
  • Altruism: If I do this, I can help others
  • Envy: If I make a decision, I can win
  • Pride: I will look smart if I make a decision
  • Shame: I will look stupid if I don’t make a purchase decision now.

Writing Conversational Content

In order to start a conversation with your readers, start with a question.

A salesman will have a direct connection with the customer, but as a copywriter, you can have it only through your copy.

Questions like…

Are you desperate to increase your online sales? Make the readers think about their requirements. If the answer is “Yes” they read your entire copy and think about what you’re saying.

You should never use jargon words in copywriting. Use words and phrases, which you use in your daily conversation. Don’t sound important with the use of jargon words, your readers will end up boring and stodgy.

Write Quickly

Writing should be natural. To be so, you need to write quickly as possible because you will use emotional part of your brain. Effective writing is more of the what you writing rather than how you write.

This type of copy is more persuasive to your customer’s emotions also. Don’t worry about your first draft.