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Google Glass Release Date Will Be Notified You Soon

Google Glass release date is on its way; The upcoming “Google Glass Enterprise Edition” matches the former one but holds enhanced water resistant.

Apple Might Update Its iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod shuffle

Apple is about to initiate the latest and enhanced series of iPod nano, iPod touch, and iPod shuffle in few days. iPod touch step into 64 bit to 32 bit.

Sophos Figured Out Spam Links Of Cloaked PDFs In Google Search Results.

Sophos, a computer security company has done an excellent job by successfully handling a case of Google spam search, which comes under cloaking technique

Russia Introduced “Right To Be Forgotten” Law To Its Citizen

“Right To Be Forgotten” is a law that exist in European Union supporting public concerns on search engines. The similar law rules in Russian from January 1st, 2016

Microsoft Joined Hands With AOL Search For Next 10 Years

Microsoft has signed 10 years agreement with AOL by replacing Google with Bing. From January 1, 2016 the deal will go real. Now Google Ads and Listing is out from AOL Search.

Yahoo Integrates With Java To Boost Up The Visitors

Yahoo has been integrated with Java, Oracle to increase its visitors. At the annual shareholder meeting, Yahoo CEO Marrisa Mayer has announced this partnership,

DuckDuckGo Reaches A New Milestone In The Internet World.

DuckDuckGo hit 1.5 million users/day. In those days, there was a drastic increase in its traffic by 227%. Currently, it has reached over 10 million online users.

Microsoft Bounces Off With Great YouTube Search Engine

YouTube, the king of online video can never be less prioritize from the visitors is it?. but Microsoft bounces off with great Youtube search engine.

Why Google Gave Non-Scientific Direct Answer On Dinosaurs?

Recently, search query based on the demise of dinosaurs in Google reverted direct answer, which has been pulled from one of the religious website.

Yahoo Map Collapses By End Of This Month.

Yahoo has recently announced that they are going to shut down Yahoo Maps by the end of June. The site will be terminated for better alignment of its resource.

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