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The Race For Artificial Intelligence Has Begun: Google, Apple And Intel On Same Boat

The demand for artificial intelligence is so huge that the big players such as Google, Intel, Apple are acquiring start-ups in this field. They leverage the ideas of those start-ups, as it influences their future roadmap. Similarly, start-ups are being… Continue Reading →

How To Make Your Business A Pokemon Stop?

What app gets twice the actual engagement of Snapchat?….No. It’s the Pokemon Go. A very few Seo experts know that Pokemon Go is more than just a game. It is an undeniably powerful technological innovation and a new web phenomenon…. Continue Reading →

Here Is Your Issues On HTTPS Setup That Decrease Your Website Ranking

Google has stated that websites with an improper HTTPS setup will be given minor ranking boosts. Do you want to know those HTTPS issues? Here it goes… According to the research, 34% of the Google search results are HTTPS. Gary… Continue Reading →

Facebook To Alter Its News Feed Algorithm And Focus On Your Friends And Family

Facebook had decided to change its news feed algorithm and the results are favourable to their friends and family of the user. The result is unfavourable to the publishers, as their content will show less in news feed significantly decreasing the… Continue Reading →

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages: Publishers Must Look At This

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a Google’s backed project developed as a benchmark for the publishers to have their pages load faster on smartphones and various mobile devices . On the month of February, Google’s mobile search results were updated… Continue Reading →

Google‘s Analytics 360 Suite, A Huge Shift In Advertising

Google’s Analytics 360 Suite is dedicated to unify and syndicate the data required for advertising and marketing across various channels. Till date, online consumers were blasted with the ads based on the keywords, and their data provided to the marketers…. Continue Reading →

Facebook Messenger To Be Launched For Publishers

This year Facebook has an amazing plan for their Messengers. During the F8 developer conference, It has decided to initiate a well-known messaging platform for publishers. This Facebook messenger lets various publishers share their valuable content on it through chat… Continue Reading →

Google: No Penguin Algorithm Update Untill 2016

Website owners can relax for some time, as there is Google no penguin algorithm update this year. Most of us was vaguely waiting for its update by the end of 2015.

Google’s Project Loon, The Internet Balloons Provide Free Internet Service

Google’s Project loon, a research and development project initiated to provide free Internet access mainly to rural and remote areas. The search giant will definitely have the upper hand in driving a huge technology shift.

Here Is Why Google Hates Amazon Prime?

Google hates Amazon Prime because Alphabet depends completely on product related searches, for acquiring a bigger share in the advertisement.

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