Doing business and branding are two different aspects, which can be build using blogs. If it’s personal brands then a blog is a must in this information era.

If you’re a blogger, you will be aware of how branding is significant in the online business world. You can scale the readership and earnings of a blog only when it’s transformed into the best brand.

Building a popular brand takes times, especially through blogging. There is a saying, “Nothing valuable comes easy”.

Therefore, I want to share some tips for those who wish to build a brand using a blog; therefore, I decided to draft this article, and this might help you turn your blog into a popular brand also.

  1. Build a brand by online persona

The ultimate goal of a branding strategy is to create a brand that people franchise it as it resides on everyone’s mind.

When you hear about insurance, what will you remember? The first insurance agency name that comes to your mind is what we call as best brand.

If you want to buy any products online, will you type then that company has created a best branding strategy from the day of its inception.

A blog can help you communicate with your prospective customers about your brand over and over again. It will help your customers to fell comfortable and familiar with your company.

You can tell a story that personalizes your brand into a human voice.

  1. Promote Conversations Using Blog To Build Your Brand

You blog about a topic and it can engage your customers in a conversation. In blogging, you can also interview your influencers about their online journey to reach their unique set of audience.

You can write a blog post that includes questions and answers of an interview. Approach your influencers online with your questions to be answered; once you receive, make an article out of it. With this, customers can get to know about your brand.

Blogs are conversational media marketing. Billions dollar online business can be build using blog. For example Neil Patel, founder of Crazy egg, Kiss metrics has built million-dollar business through blogging.

  1. Begin your blog with epic content

Google love fresh and unique content. Blog with such content with well-researched keywords ranks well in search engine.

The valuable content you create in your blog can be shared on your social media networks that highlight you as an expert in that niche. Therefore, you build your brand authority online.

Go above and beyond the normal blog-post and create Infographics, Tutorials, Videos and Interviews of your Influencers.

  1. Become a guest author

Every blogger loves to share knowledge, ideas, and insights. They’re also desperate to engage with a network of web professionals, writers, marketers, and designers.

As you’re on the path to building your personal brand, approach bloggers or marketers in your niche to become a guest author on their blog. If you’re at the initial stage, do it for free.

Benefits of being a guest blogger

  • You can share your ideas on a growing platform that reach unique set of audience
  • You will be able to link your guest post to your author profile.
  • You exhibit yourself as an expert in your community.
  • Improves your writing
  • Builds your credibility and portfolio
  • Drive traffic to your blog through guest post