If you’re new to the world of affiliate marketing, where you need to promote products online as being an affiliate, it would be quite difficult, at the beginning.

You might have read lots of online marketing content, but when it comes to applying strategy, you feel the information is overwhelming. This will take you nowhere by end of the day.

If you have ever felt like this, it’s utmost significant to create affiliate marketing plan

In this post, we’ll build a rock solid marketing strategy with based on demand in online shopping.

Here are some stats on Top US online marketing channels for shopping industry.


  • 34.89% of online purchases are directly through visiting the shopping website.
  • 0.45% are from email marketing, here it could be both from the advertiser and publishers(affiliates).
  • 23.26% are referrals, which is purely from affiliate marketing.
  • 37.09% are a search engine. This comprises of both organic search and paid search on search engine. Most of the affiliates run paid ads on Google as one of the strategies.
  • 3.65% social: It includes all social media like facebook, twitter, snap chat etc.
  • 0.64% of display ads are utilized by the affiliates to scale their business.

These online marketing stats would be the mirror reflection of affiliate marketing stats.

Affiliate marketing business plan can be drafted out using the above statistics. As an affiliate, one can make us of search ads, display ads, social media ads and provide referrals to their advertiser.

Understand Your End Customer

Among various types of marketing, online marketing requires a clear understanding of the end customer.

If you want to know your customer’s interest you need to collect the following information. This helps build harmony with them and make a sale.

  1. Name
  2. Job Title
  3. Where he/she works
  4. Details about her role
  5. Age
  6. Gender
  7. Salary
  8. Location
  9. Education
  10. Goals and Challenges
  11. Values and Fears
  12. Elevator Pitch
  13. Marketing message

If you have these details in mind, while crafting a content, you’ll be specific to their area interest. Such contents speak directly to them, making your marketing strategy more engaging.

Pick One Online Marketing Channel

Whenever you choose a product from your affiliate network or advertiser, describe the product and promote it on one marketing channel.

You can do so if you have just entered the affiliate marketing world. In the long run, you can depend on multiple platforms.

For instance, master facebook paid to advertise with $1000 and achieving ROI of $2000 by promoting your product. Once you succeed, use Google Adwords and you should be able to make a profit of at least $1,500 from $1,000. If you do so then you’ve mastered both platforms and easily boost the ROI.

Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, email and Google search are the marketing channels.

In order to be too specific, divide the marketing channels. Organic advertising on YouTube and paid YouTube ads are the two channels.

Study your competitors and learn how to leverage those marketing channels

Understanding your competitor is the most significant strategy for the success of your online marketing campaign.

Visit Buzzsumo, enter the niche of your choice and find the best competing content. For example, type “best affiliate marketing strategies” and you can see the most shared content on various social media.

affiliate marketing

Now, it’s your turn to create better content than this and promote the heck out of it online.

Remember, if you’re really serious to hit the ground then you must identify the top performing contents and compete with that.

When it comes to paid marketing, you want to study PPC search ads. SpyFu would be the best tool to do that.

SpyFu provides competitive AdWords analysis. Type your competitor’s website on SpyFu and you can view the number of backlinks, targeted keywords for paid ads, SEO overview etc.

Have a look at the number of backlinks Shopify has in its page in the below image.

best affiliate marketing plan

If your competitor has 100 backlinks to a page you need to build more than that to put them back. This SpyFu will do just that. You would be able to build effective backlinks as you will be aware of the required specific amount of traffic from those links.

Now you’re familiar with the information on how to compete with the best player in online marketing. As this article is all about affiliate marketing plan here is how you can turn it into a successful strategy.

As an affiliate marketing strategy, you need to build trust and authority in your visitor and then make an offer. Below are affiliate marketing action plan with just three steps.

  • Make people aware of your product reviews
  • Build trust and authority
  • Refer them for an offer

Use various marketing channel to make people aware of your site/blog. The channel can be both organic or paid.

Create lot of content on the product you promote. The more you create the more opportunity you have to build trust and authority.

Once you build trust, it’s easy to make a sale and earn commission by referring your advertiser.


Decide your niche and your competitor. Utilize the tools to track their performance. Create better content than your competitor to build enormous trust.