An image is worth a thousand words. Most of us are aware of this statement and the significance of images in conveying any story.

When it comes to internet marketing, eye-catching visuals play the most vital role in increasing the social media shares.

If you’re a blogger or internet marketing, you might have worked your ass off to get the most social share for your article on social media pages. To make that happen, you need to create images for social media

Let’s analyze some of the stats that signifies the use of visual content.

According to Content marketing institute, considering B2C content creators,  73% of them strategize to create engaging content. However, 55% think creating visual content creation will uplift their engagement.

tools to create free images for social media

Marketing is all about being specific. Therefore, content with relevant graphics acquired 94% more views than compared to the one without.

create images to increase social media share

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Instagram is just a photo-sharing app and facebook know its importance, as a result, Mark Zuckerberg acquired it. He knows very well that few thousands of images cost billion dollars.

Are you desperate to increase your social shares? If so, then here are 5 brilliant tools to create graphics for better social media shares.

  1. Pablo

A tool created by Buffer. It helps you to design social media friendly image in a rapid speed. It includes 600k+ sufferable images with a variety of sizes to fit your various social networks and 25+ awesome stylish fonts.


The tool allows you to relevant texts on the image. Such a friendly tool as it saves lots of time compared to editing in photoshop.


Infographics are the great way to share information, and it consumes time. But there are tools to do it in a short time. is one such amazing tool and it’s an easy way too. Therefore, infographics have gained huge traction in recent years.

create graphics for social media

It’s an excellent way to convey complex information in an easy manner.

Infographics require more of researching skills than design. If you hire a professional designer an infographic cost you minimum $300. Tools like will just help you with free of cost.

  1. Over

Handheld devices have become an integral part of our daily lives. Among those, smartphone are the most addicted device.

over photo editing app

So, it’s very important to make use of this app, which lets you customize fonts, colors and integrate text. You can also add your won fonts.

Additionally, for Instagram marketing it helps you in a big manner as captions are added to make an image more appealing.

  1. Pixlr

Pixlr is a photo editing tools. It’s a desktop tool and mobile app which helps to every capture beautiful. One can upload an image, add layers, effects, text, border and filters to it. This tool is as capable as that of Photoshop and Gimp.


Do you want to know how the advanced photo editing features works? Then explore this tutorial.

  1. Pictaculous

Pictaculous was designed by MailChimp and the best tool to understand color suitability.

pictaculous graphics for social media

Sometimes it’s quite confusing to select a background color based on the image. If you feel so, then just upload the image in this tool.

The tool studies the image & generates a color palette. You can also get ideas on choosing frames, icons etc.


For a blogger to create eye-catching graphics was quite difficult a 3-4 years ago. It was required to beat our ass on learning tools like photoshop.

But those days are gone; therefore, I Have cover best 5 tools to create engaging visuals for blogs and various social media.

If you come across any other better tools to create free images for social media, kindly share it in the comment section. Let’s have some interaction.