A few days back, I met with a friend and a content marketer, who have difficulty in creating great content that drives engagement.

With curiosity, I asked, why do you want to engage them?

She replied the best way to judge the whether the content brings values to the audience is the level of engagement. Of course, it’s a valid point, I agreed.

Engagement is the difference between epic content and just content; therefore, I am sharing this article on three different ways to create epic content online that increases engagement.

  1. Backtrack on your past success

Most of the content marketers feel tricky to come up with next set of content topics. It can be written a form, video or some graphics.

Here is the simple but effective trick; focusing on what type of content driven them till now would be the perfect idea for content creation.

If their journey is great then their data will lead them in the right direction.

Techniques and formulas applied in the past are the sure fire way to get a positive result. Crush it on the things that worked and just eliminate that didn’t.

  • Recycle and update: Recycle the most shared content into an e-book, infographics, and SlideShare. Also, update if required based on the latest information.
  • Review social media content: Figure out the posts that created discussion and shared among the target audience, then expand to full articles.
  • Explore new engagement driven posts: Identify the website that produces similar kind of content you created but different formats, approach them to link up to yours and engage with it.
  1. Reach out the influencers

90% of the marketers across the globe say, they do content marketing. As more brands pump out content, it becomes more challenging.

A number of online sales depend on the traffic to that landing page. Similarly, engagement can skyrocket if the content drives more eyes.

The best way to enhance the website visibility is to make influencer’s eye with your content.  As they already own a certain number of audience, your content is noticed soon.  You can do so by including influencer’s quotes, mentions etc.

This is beneficial for relationship development, content promotion, link building.

As per the Tomoson study, influencer outreach is the fastest online customer acquisition strategy. It’s the most time-consuming process but brings impacting results.

  1. Maintain transparency about your strategy

If you own any small business, share content on how you take your business to the next level on various social media. Try to maintain transparency as it looks real, which builds trust in your brand.

Never follow those crowded content on Internet.

You can do this by following the below points:

  • Publish your original data or research as it gives your audience a unique information, which they never get anywhere.
  • When you give these types of valuable information, explain them the reason behind this or your goal. It projects you as a wise man.
  • Share your success, and failures you have gone through. With this, you are adding a voice to your brand.

Content based on above-mentioned points will increase the success of your business, as it’s unique and drives enormous values for your audience’s business.


There are no shortcuts to creating content that your audience dying to engage. It needs consistent effort and experimentation on what works and what’s not. Only this approach can help you create epic content online that increases engagement.