October 2015

Google’s Project Loon, The Internet Balloons Provide Free Internet Service

Google’s Project loon, a research and development project initiated to provide free Internet access mainly to rural and remote areas. The search giant will definitely have the upper hand in driving a huge technology shift.

Here Is Why Google Hates Amazon Prime?

Google hates Amazon Prime because Alphabet depends completely on product related searches, for acquiring a bigger share in the advertisement.

How Photos Tell a Story In Marketing Your Content?

Photos work best when used with text or a person in action. This is especially true, at live events where photos tell a story in marketing their campaign.

4 Successful Ways To Curate Content For Your Blog

Curating content is the process of identifying, contextualizing, organizing quality content. 4 ways to curate content for your blog are given below.

3 Ways On How To Create A Viral Image In Your Blog

Once you have decided to publish your image or have it ready, it is utmost significant to remember certain things to make it a viral image in your blog.

How To Create A Branded Content For Your Audience on Blog?

Branded content definition is the fusion of advertising and editorial content. This article is all about how to create a branded content for your audience.

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