May 2015

Google : Shopping Ads Are Now Available On YouTube

Now, Shopping ads can be promoted along with the YouTube videos. It is because recently, YouTube disclosed the latest version of listing ads.

Google Integrates Mobile App Data Into Its Search Console

Google allows you to view how user identity your content within their Android app itself. Meanwhile, you can also see how Google discovers your app content

How Optical Illusion Illustration Makes You A Successful Advertiser ?

Optical Illusion Illustration will automatically twist the process involved in human brain interpret. It is normally observed in the field, which needs visual stimulation in advertising

15 Best SEO Checklist To Optimize Your Online Marketing Plan

For a website to rank higher on SERP (search engine result page), the site must be optimized. The required SEO checklist are listed briefly in this article.

Facebook’s Strategy To Emerge As Top Search Engine Revealed.

To connect political affiliation of Americans to shared new sources, Facebook has created a Support Vector Machine (SVM). The SVM examines the first few words of article

Brand Storytelling : How Words Performs Brilliantly As Designs?

If you need to alter one’s mind, then the words that you use to them plays the most crucial role. Because, wise words are enclosed with the energy.

Google Put On New 70 “Now Cards”

Now Cards” reminds about events, local traffic and public transit arrival periods. Additionally there are few other new apps

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